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Ashley Mauricio

Lending Relationship Coordinators


P: 260.487.3380  |  F: 260.490.0503  |  E:

Our Lending Relationship Services is dedicated to helping our members with their money matters around the clock. Life’s busy, and we know you’re not always able to visit your 3Rivers branch when the need arises. This team exists to work with you remotely – via email and phone – anytime, anywhere. Plus, we’re available outside of normal business hours – during the evening and on weekends, too!

We’re able to offer all of the financial solutions you’d expect to manage in a branch – including vehicle loans, personal loans, credit cards, lines of credit, home equity loans, and deposit account solutions. We also act as a connection to other areas at the credit union, like mortgages and investing. We bring 3Rivers to you, whenever you need us, wherever you are.

Since 2013, Ashley Mauricio has prioritized building and deepening member relationships, supporting and assisting them in reaching short-term, mid-term, and long-term financial goals. She understands that everyone is unique when it comes to their financial goals, and enjoys truly getting to know our members so she can help them create customized plans and identify solutions that can help them meet their saving, spending, and borrowing needs.

As a part of our Lending Relationship Services team, Ashley is able to assist you with all the financial solutions you’d expect to find in a branch. From vehicle and personal loans, to lines of credit and home equity loans, to deposit account solutions and more, Ashley can provide you with sound guidance, pair you with the right solutions, and connect you with resources in specialized areas including mortgages, investing, and commercial lending.

We bring 3Rivers to you, whenever you need us, wherever you are.

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