Mobile Banking FAQ

Mobile Access

I had a username and password for the old mobile app. What do you mean by my "3Rivers Online Account Access" username and password?

The username and password you currently use to access your accounts from your computer on this website will now be used to login to the new app.

How do I enroll in 3Rivers Online Account Access?

Please visit to get started!

I forgot my username.

If you don't remember your username, please contact 3Rivers at 1.800.825.3641 option 1 for assistance.

I forgot my password.

Please click here to reset your password.

What should I do if I'm locked out of the 3Rivers Mobile Banking app?

Please contact 3Rivers at 1.800.825.3641 option 1 for assistance.

Can multiple user names be used on the same mobile device?

Yes. Users can access accounts for multiple login IDs. When opening the app, tap the "Change" button next to the login ID field. This will open a screen where you can enter a different user ID.

How do I endorse checks for mobile deposit?

Sign your name and under it write, "For 3Rivers Mobile Check Deposit only."

Can I view check images on Mobile Banking?

Yes. Transactions with check images associated with them will show a check icon. Tapping on the transaction will display an image of the check.

When will I see the deposit in my account?

All 3Rivers Mobile Check Deposits will post to your account immediately. The first $500 will be immediately available for use. For any funds over $500, a hold will be placed for 2 business days. 

When are the funds available for me to use?

The first $500 will be immediately available for use. For any funds over $500, a hold will be placed for 2 business days. A hold may be placed on any check image that does not comply with the legal requirements of a check. Furthermore, we reserve the right to extend the hold on a check based on other factors specific to the item. If funds have been added to your account using 3Rivers Mobile Check Deposit and the check is subsequently returned unpaid for any reason, 3Rivers will remove these funds from your account and this action may prompt additional fees to be withdrawn drawn from your account. 3Rivers has the right to refuse any Mobile Check Deposit transaction submitted by you. 

Should I retain the check after the deposit has been made?

Yes. We ask that you retain the check in a secure location for 30 days. In the event that the image of your check cannot be processed, we may ask for the original item. After 30 days, the original check should be shredded.

Will checks deposited through the app be available to be viewed on my phone?

Checks deposited via Remote Deposit Capture will be available to view through the deposit history.

Are there any fees for using this service?

No, this is a free service.

Are there restrictions on the number or types of accounts that I can make deposits?

You can make deposits into any 3Rivers checking, savings, and money market accounts. Up to 4 accounts can be added to your username.

How will I know when my deposit is complete?

You will receive a confirmation message immediately on your phone when a deposit has been successfully transmitted.

How secure is making a deposit with my phone?

We have built a number of security features into the app to transmit the image and data, deposit confirmation messages once we receive your deposit, and allowing you to view images of checks deposited through the app (no check images are stored on your phone).

Can I deposit multiple checks in one deposit?

No, each check will be a separate deposit. Select deposit on your phone, enter the amount of the first item, and take an image of the front and the back of the check. After you receive your deposit confirmation, select "Deposit" to repeat the process.

Should I endorse my check?

Yes, please endorse your check by writing "for 3Rivers mobile check deposit only."

What type of phone do I need?

Check here to see what iPhone® and Android™ device is required:

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store 

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  • Kindle Fire™
  • Kindle Fire HDX™

Mobile Bill Pay

If I need to rush a payment, is there a fee?

If your payment can be sent electronically, there is a $10 charge for next day delivery.
For paper check payments, the fee for next day delivery is $30.

Why does the delivery date for my bill seem to be later than it should be?

When a bill is first captured, the system will often place a future date on the payment as it is being processed. Once the payee has been determined, this date may change to a sooner, more accurate time.

I want to send a payment to another person instead of paying a bill. Can I do that?

Although Mobile Bill Pay does not allow you to manually enter a bill’s information, you can still make a person-to-person payment, as long as you can take a picture of a document with the following information clearly displayed:

  • Name
  • Account Number
  • Address

When will my payments clear?

For any payment being made with a paper check, the funds will not be taken out of the 3Rivers account until that person/company cashes the check. If the payment is being made electronically, the funds will come out of the account a day or two before the bill is paid. Our best advice is to be sure your account has funds available before scheduling a bill payment.

How late are payments processed each day?

Our cutoff time is 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time, and after that time, any bill payments submitted through the app will be processed the following business day.

What will I find in the app’s menus?


  • Auto login – Allows you to set Mobile Bill Pay to automatically log you in each day
  • Pin login – Allows you to create a PIN to log in to your app quicker
  • Account settings – Set which accounts you can pay from (You can hide and rename accounts within the app to help you identify which accounts you’re using)

User Help:

  • Forgot username
  • Forgot or reset password
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