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Welcome, West End Members!

It's Official: West End is Now 3Rivers!

West End Bank is now officially 3Rivers Federal Credit Union and we would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of our not-for-profit cooperative!

While the name and look of the place you bank at may have changed, you can still expect to visit the same places and see the same friendly faces going forward, with even more solutions to support your financial wellness. In addition, you can count on a continued commitment in giving back to the communities you love!

West End Credit Card Login

We're here to support you, every step of the way.

We recognize change isn’t always easy, and want to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. We’ve rounded up some answers to your most frequently asked questions and put together some resources that we think you’ll find helpful as you begin your experience in banking with us.

We appreciate your patience as we are experiencing higher than normal call volume and longer wait times. You can contact us by phone at 800.825.3641. In addition, we're here to support you by email at, and in person at our branches!

Transaction Closing Press Release Conversion Guide Online/Mobile/Bill Pay User Guide

Merger Weekend Conversion Info & FAQsLoan Information


A few words from our CEO.

"It’s been a long journey since we first announced the transaction last August. We look forward to officially being a part of the Wayne and Union County communities and welcoming their customers and employees into our 3Rivers family.

We’re grateful and proud of the ongoing efforts and collaboration of both of our teams during this process, especially with the unanticipated challenges that COVID presented in the midst of the transaction.

We’re confident that this transition is in the best interest of our new members, team members, and community. We now have the ability to  expand access to our financial tools, resources, and branches throughout Indiana, all with a continued and deepened commitment of investing in the community and keeping it local.” 

—Don Cates, President & CEO


If you have questions or need support, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can reach us by phone at 800.825.3641, or by email And of course, you can always visit us at your nearest branch! We look forward to serving you.


Important information and dates for you to know:

In an effort to make the transition from West End Bank to 3Rivers Federal Credit Union as seamless and easy for you as possible, we’re providing you with a list of significant dates—and an overview of what you can expect—during the technical conversion process. Please take note of this information and plan accordingly (have alternate forms of payment available) in order to prevent disruptions to your banking during this process.

Merger Weekend (pdf) Conversion Info & FAQs

As technical conversion progresses, dates, times, and details noted may vary, as all dates are tentative and subject to change based on regulatory approval and customary closing conditions.


  • You will receive your new 3Rivers debit card in the mail. You may activate and set up your PIN, but DO NOT begin using it until Saturday, May 30th. It will not function.
  • You will receive your starter packet of 20 3Rivers checks in the mail. Your account number will not change. Your routing number will change, but your West End Bank routing number will continue to function for a period of time and you should not experience any disruption to your current automatic deposits or withdraws.

** You will receive a detailed booklet of information with all online banking, mobile and bill pay information and enrollment instructions, in the next week.


  • West End mobile banking app will no longer be available, beginning at 9am.


  • West End online bill pay will no longer be available, beginning at 9am.


  • All West End Bank branches will close at normal business hours to prepare for account integration weekend.
  • West End online banking will no longer be available, beginning at 9am. However, your past statements should migrate to your new 3Rivers online banking platform.


  • All West End and 3Rivers branches will be closed on this day to help facilitate the merger process.
  • Technical conversion begins. All West End accounts, products, services, and online banking will be converted to 3Rivers Federal Credit Union.
  • At this time, discontinue using your West End debit cards and begin using 3Rivers debit cards.
  • Some services may experience limited functionality during technical conversion.
  • 3Rivers team members will be available to answer any questions you have by phone at 800.825.3641, from 9am-4pm.


  • All branches will remain closed as technical conversion continues.
  • 3Rivers team members will be available to answer any questions you have by phone at 800.825.3641, from 9am-4pm.


  • Official merger date. Welcome to 3Rivers!
  • You now have full access to 3Rivers products, services, and technologies.
  • 3Rivers online and mobile banking are now available for you to enroll. (You will receive full details and enrollment instructions next week).
  • All West End branches will re-open (with existing West End Bank business hours) as a branch of 3Rivers.
  • All branches will be staffed with extra team members, should you need assistance.
  • 3Rivers team members will be available by phone at 800.825.3641, or you can email questions to



Give us a call at 800.825.3641, reach out to us via live chat, or email us at


Conversion Information


Questions? Give us a call at 800.825.3641, reach out to us via live chat, or email us at

Conversion Info & FAQs Conversion Guide Online/Mobile/Bill Pay User Guide


General & Timeline

Your temporary password is the last six (6) digits of your Social Security Number. You will be prompted to change your password once you have logged in and will then be able to use your password for both mobile and online account access.

As we assist our new members, we are experiencing higher than normal call volume which is resulting in longer than usual wait times and occasional busy signals. If you receive a busy signal, please hang up and try calling again. We have extended our call center hours this week and will be answering calls from 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM at 800.825.3641.

In addition, you may reach out to us visit your nearest branch or drive-thru, or email us at

With these systems being down over the weekend for the conversion, they are now in the process of syncing all transactions to appear on members’ accounts. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for these to fully post. After these transactions populate to your account, normal posting of transactions will continue to update within a couple hours as normal.

Please note that any transaction history that took place prior to May 31 will not appear within your online or mobile banking access, but will be made available in your May statements.

If you do not see updates, please try to clear your browser’s cache (in most cases, the shortcut “Fn+F5” will work to quickly clear your cache)!

Yes. While your automatic payments (including deposits, transfers, and withdrawals) will continue to clear, and West End’s routing number will continue to function, for a 90-day grace period, we ask that you please begin updating your routing number information beginning today. 3Rivers’ routing number is: 274973222. You can learn more in this post.

System conversion took place from Friday, May 29, 2020 through Monday, June 1, 2020.

3Rivers is insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). Your deposits will continue to be federally insured to the maximum amount available (currently to at least $250,000 per depositor) and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

You now have access to do your banking at all four previous West End locations, plus our 16 branches located in Northeast Indiana! Find all 3Rivers locations on our Locations Page.

Banking & Account

Unless otherwise notified, your checking, savings, money market, CD Certificate, and loan account numbers did not change. Any account number changes were be communicated via mail prior to conversion.


The West End routing number has changed to 3Rivers’ routing number, 274973222.

West End's routing number will continue to function for a period of time (at least 90 days from June 1) to ensure that there is no disruption in your current automatic payments and deposits.

Please update all payment and deposit activities connected to your checking and savings accounts to this routing number beginning June 1.

Your existing West End deposit account(s) were transferred to a 3Rivers account(s) that most closely fits the features and benefits of your existing account(s). Details are outlined in the conversion guide, which can be found at

To view all of our account products, please visit If you determine that a different account is more appropriate for you, you may visit your local branch or call 800.825.3641 to change your account type.

NOTE: There will be a 90-day grace period in which you will not incur any account service charge fees (such as checking account fees).

Your West End checks will continue to clear for a period of time post-conversion, to ensure your payments are not disrupted. You will need to update any automatic checking payments with your 3Rivers routing number. Your account number will not change. If you order your checks from another vendor, be sure to give them your new routing number:


You should have received a packet of starter checks with ordering instructions for consumer and business checking accounts prior to conversion weekend.

Please begin using your 3Rivers checks immediately, and discontinue using your West End checks and destroy them (or bring them to a branch and we will shred them for you).

Your West End account(s) were transferred to a 3Rivers account(s) that most closely fits the features and benefits of your former West End account(s). Changes specific to your account(s) were communicated to you via mail prior to conversion.

Statements will have a new look. You will receive final paper statements from West End following conversion. These final statements will display your accounts, balances, transactions, and interest paid up through the conversion date on May 30.

For now, please continue using your West End credit card and make payments as you have been, as they will convert at a later date. More information will be communicated to credit card holders closer to the credit card conversion.

Now that conversion is complete, your West End debit card will no longer function. Please use your activated 3Rivers debit card.


You will need to update any recurring payments connected with your West End debit card and checking account(s) with your new 3Rivers account information.

While your automatic transfers, deposits, and withdrawals* should post to your account without interruption, please give your new routing number (274973222) to any person, employer, or other company who automatically debits or credits your checking or savings account, following conversion.

West End's routing number will continue to function for a period of 90 days post conversion (June 1), to ensure you have time to convert your payment and deposit information.

Begin using 3Rivers routing number, 274973222, on June 1.

*This includes direct deposits—including payroll, government, investment, and retirement income. 

If you have any recurring payments, such as a utility bill or subscription made with your West End debit card, you will need to switch your debit card information to your new 3Rivers debit card information.

This includes any instances of saved online debit card information, for access to purchases, such as Amazon®.

These will need to be updated on or after June 1, as your West End debit card will no longer work.

All West End ATMs have been converted to 3Rivers ATMs. You can use any 3Rivers ATM free of charge. As a credit union member, you now have access to a nationwide network of shared branches and ATMs and will still be a member of the Money Pass® Network. Visit for a full listing of 3Rivers branch and ATM locations.

Your safe deposit box location, key entry, and fees will remain the same until your renewal date.

About Online Banking

If you currently use West End’s online or mobile banking services for personal or business accounts, you should have received a booklet with more details on enrollment instructions and features. You can find a PDF of this booklet at

Your previous West End online banking (consumer and business) will convert to 3Rivers online banking  on Monday, June 1. West End’s online banking platform will no longer be accessible on Friday, May 29, at 9am, and mobile will be unavailable beginning on Wednesday, May 27, at 9am.

Your 3Rivers consumer online banking access will allow you to view your balances and transactions, pay bills, transfer money, send money to other people, view eStatements, monitor your credit score, and more. Additionally, 3Rivers’ mobile banking app will allow you to instantly deposit checks and utilize mobile wallets, like Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®.

If you are a West End Bank business customer, 3Rivers’ online banking for businesses provides you with the ability to view account balances and transactions, transfer money, pay bills, submit online wire transfers, manage business credit cards, and more. With 3Rivers’ Business Mobile, you can track and transfer funds between deposit accounts, and make deposits through remote deposit capture.

We encourage you to save your statements or eStatements prior to integration. However, past eStatements from West End will convert to the 3Rivers online banking platform. 

Your existing consumer bill payees, payments, and settings have transferred to 3Rivers’ online bill pay system. With the technical conversion now complete, we recommend you log-in to you online banking to ensure all information transferred correctly.

For business customers, your existing bill payees, payments, and settings did NOT transfer to 3Rivers online bill pay system. You will need to re-enter your bill payees and settings.

We strongly encourage you to re-enter your bill pay information ON or after June 1.

Loans & Business Banking

All of your former West End loans will now appear in your new 3Rivers online account access and mobile banking app, where you will be able to manually pay and schedule your loan payments through 3Rivers’ online and mobile banking. This includes all West End consumer and business loan products, such as auto, unsecured, and mortgage loans.

If you mail your loan payments, please use the following address:

3Rivers Federal Credit Union
PO Box 2573
Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2573

NOTE: You will no longer need to pay with a coupon and will not receive new ones. If you have a supply of loan coupons, you  may discard those. With your next billing cycle, you will receive a monthly billing statement for your existing loan. This will include a remittance section.

Please remember to update any auto-payments that are mailed to West End to the above address.

Your current West End consumer or business loan account number, terms, and agreement have not changed. Please refer to the letter regarding your existing loan(s), which was sent in advance of the conversion. This letter contains more details on your current loan and its servicing going forward.

3Rivers Locations (North and South)

See current 3Rivers locations and information.

Branch Locations: (Blue - 3Rivers Branches | Yellow - 3Rivers South/Regional)




Give us a call at 800.825.3641, reach out to us via live chat, or email us at



West End Credit Card Access

West End Credit Card Login


Automatic Payment Checklist

If you have automatic payments tied to your checking account, savings account, debit card, or credit card, you will need to update that information with your new 3Rivers account information and routing number for each payee. We’ve created a list below that we think you’ll find useful as you prepare to update your payment information on conversion weekend.

We strongly recommend you make these updates ON or after June 1 to ensure a smooth transition.

Automated Payment

  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Loans/Leases
  • Insurance (i.e. home, auto, life, etc.)
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Mobile/Telephone
  • Cable/Satellite TV Service
  • Streaming Subscriptions
  • Credit Card
  • Fitness/Gym Membership
  • School Lunch/Fees
  • Medical Supplies
  • Charitable Donations

Direct Deposits

  • Payroll
  • Investment Income
  • Retirement/Pension Income
  • Government Income



Transaction Closing Press Release Conversion Guide Online/Mobile/Bill Pay User Guide Merger Timeline Conversion Info & FAQs Loan Information Official Press Release Announcement NCUA vs. FDIC Insurance General FAQs




Give us a call at 800.825.3641, or email us at



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