Online Business ACH

If your account is already set up with 3Rivers online access, make your business banking even more convenient with our easy-to-use online ACH (Automated Clearing House) services. To meet the specific needs of our business members, 3Rivers offers this ACH origination product to save you time and money by streamlining your payments and collections. Automate your business' direct deposits, payments to vendors, and automatic withdrawals of membership dues or recurring payments. Control your own credits and debits affordably and conveniently using your 3Rivers business online access sign-on ID.

How It Works

  • With the help of a 3Rivers team member, you will create a template with your online account access page to pay employees or vendors or to collect payment from customers. Templates can be easily changed as needed within your online account access.
  • Send ACH files to 3Rivers (11:00 a.m. ET cut-off time).
  • Credits and debits are set to process the following business day.

What Are the Fees?

  • $100 one-time documentation & set-up fee*
  • For-Profits — $20 monthly fee for debits and credits
  • Not-for-Profits — $15 monthly fee for debits and credits"
  • $33 each for returned deposit fees (if ACH credits are returned)

Interested in both ACH and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) services?

  • For-Profits — A one-time $100 setup charge, then $50 per month
  • Not-for-Profits — A one-time $100 setup charge, then $40 per month

Business Online Access Demo

Just go to our homepage and enter "bbank" in for the Online Access ID and "busdemo" for the Password.  A demo version of our Business Online Access will open in a new window so you can try it out.

For more information or to enroll in Business Online ACH, contact a 3Rivers Relationship Team Member.

Mark HartmanHeidi Colone | Leslie Kurtz | Mike Sinish | Amy Leedy | Kristin Smith

*For businesses that want both ACH credit and debit functionality, only one $100 fee will be assessed at setup, and one $25 fee will be charged each month.


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