Unexpected bill? Vacation? Holiday expenses?  3Rivers is here to help you free up some needed cash this month by processing a skip-a-payment on your eligible loan. To participate, just complete and return the Skip-a-Payment form or click here to request an electronic form. Please review the Terms and Conditions prior to signing the form.

What loans are eligible?

Collateral loans (auto, motorcycle, camper, boat, etc) and unsecured term loans. Real estate secured, student loans and open credit lines are ineligible for the Skip-a-Payment. 

What payment month can I skip?

If eligible, you may skip up to one monthly payments within a calendar year. However, you cannot skip two consecutive payments. A Skip-a-Payment cannot be processed for a loan payment that is 30 or more days past due. 

How long must the loan be “open”?

At least six (6) contractual payments must be made on a loan prior to eligibility for a Skip-a-Payment. 

What is the processing fee for a Skip-a-Payment?

A $35.00 processing fee will be collected at the time of the Skip-a-Payment.  

Does Interest continue to accrue during the month of the Skip-a-Payment?

Yes. Interest will continue to accrue on a daily basis.

What if I have an automatic payment set up for a loan I want to Skip-a-Payment?

Notify your 3Rivers representative processing the Skip-a-Payment request of your automatic payment.  


  • Skip-a-Payment Form

  • Skip-a-Payment Terms & Conditions