Your 3Rivers Debit Card

Use your Mastercard debit card for your everyday spending needs. It can be attached to your checking account, and up to two accounts can be added for access at any of our conveniently located ATMs. It can also be used to make purches anywhere you see the Mastercard logo.   

You have the option of spending money using your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or authorizing transactions by using your signature. PINs can be changed at any time, free of charge, by calling 1.800.992.3808.

Visit a Branch & Leave With Your Debit Card

3Rivers has invested in the technology and training to reduce the time it takes to recieve your debit card. In fact, we can quickly issue members new card in about 15 minutes right from our branches. That means you can come in, open your account, and by the time you have finished enjoying your complimentary coffee, your card is printed and ready for use! 

Track Your Debit Card Spending

To help with tracking of your debit card purchases, consider free Online Account Access or Download our free Mobile Banking App so you can keep track of your purchases, check them off on a virtual register, and even see recent transactions that haven’t posted on your account yet. 

Discover more about your Mastercards core benefits.

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