Simplify the Switch to 3Rivers

3Rivers makes it easy to securely move your direct deposits and recurring automatic payments (like utilities, insurance, or club memberships) to you 3Rivers account(s). Just use our digital SWITCHkit, powered by ClickSWITCH.

How our SWITCHkit Works

  1. Obtain a SWITCHtrack code (click here if you need one).
    • When you click the link above or the button below, you will be taken to a request form.
    • In the "Select Feedback Subject" field, select "SwitchKit" and complete the form. 
    • This form will be routed to the Team3 branch manager nearest to you.
    • They will set you up with a switch track code and email it to you. 
  2. Use your code to securely sign onto our SWITCHkit and follow the prompts to quickly and easily transfer direct deposits or change automatic payments and authorize closing old accounts.
  3. Our SWITCHkit takes care of everything else by generating and sending completed forms to your old financial institutions and/or billers on your behalf.

Start Your Switch         Get a SwitchTrack Code

Help And Guidance While Switching

Our SWITCHkit also lets you view the progress and details of the switches you’ve requested. | User Guide

  • Switch Summary – view progress and details of requested switches.
  • Switch Status – track and view confirmation when your automatic payments or direct deposits have been switched to your 3Rivers account(s).
  • Balance Assist – helps you know approximately how much money you should keep in your old account(s) until your switch(es) to 3Rivers complete.

Note: It is suggested that you keep your old account open for 30 days to allow enough time for the switches to be complete and for checks/automated payments to clear. If the switch cannot be completed during the intital setup, you will recieve instructions how to complete via email. ClickSWITCH will inform you when they process the request and if any additional steps need to be taken.