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Prior to conversion, contact West End Bank at 866.962.9587, stop into any branch, or email with any questions.

Post conversion, call 3Rivers at 800.825.3641live chat, or email


Routing Number

The West End Bank routing number will change to 3Rivers’ routing number, 274973222. West End Bank’s routing number will continue to function for a period of time after the conversion to ensure that there is no disruption in your current payments and deposits.

Following conversion, please update all payment and deposit activities connected to your checking and savings accounts to this routing number.

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Account Types and Classification

Your existing West End deposit account(s) will be transferred to a 3Rivers account(s) that most closely fits the features and benefits of your existing account(s). Those changes are detailed later in this booklet. To view all of our account products, please visit If you determine that a different account is more appropriate for you, you may visit your local branch or call 800.825.3641 to change your account type after conversion weekend.

NOTE: There will be a 90-day grace period in which you will not incur any account service charge fees (such as checking account fees and service charges).

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When will the system conversion take place?

System conversion will take place beginning Friday, May 129 at 6pm, and we anticipate all normal activity will resume Monday, June 1, 2020. Refer to the front of this booklet for a list of key dates. You will receive an additional mailing with more detailed information on timeline and checklists in early May.   

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Debit Cards and ATM Cards

Until conversion weekend (starting Friday, May 29), please use your current West End debit and ATM cards. If you currently have a debit card with West End, you will receive a new 3Rivers debit card in the mail in early April. A more detailed timeline, and instructions on activating your new card and setting your PIN, will be included with your card.

Your new 3Rivers debit or ATM card(s) will NOT function until Saturday, May 30. Please begin using your new card at this time. If you activate your new 3Rivers card(s) prior to May 30, please refrain from using it until this time.

Please note that during system conversion weekend, it is possible that you may experience limited functionality.

Upon system conversion on June 1, your West End debit card will no longer function. Please use your activated 3Rivers debit card.

You will need to update any recurring payments connected with your West End debit card and checking account(s) with your new 3Rivers account information.

We strongly recommend you make these updates ON or after May 30 to ensure a smooth transition.

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For now, continue to use your current West End checks for both consumer and business accounts. Your West End checks will continue to clear for a period of time post-conversion. You will need to update any automatic checking payments with your 3Rivers routing number. Your account number will not change. If you order your checks from another vendor, be sure to give them your new routing number:


You will receive a packet of starter checks with ordering instructions for consumer and business checking accounts in April, prior to conversion.

Please begin using your 3Rivers checks on May 30. Following that date, please discontinue using your West End checks and destroy them (or bring them to a branch and we will shred them for you).

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Online Banking

If you currently use West End’s online or mobile banking services for personal or business accounts, you will receive a communication with more details on enrollment instructions and features in early April.

Your previous West End online banking (consumer and business) will convert to 3Rivers online banking  on Monday, June 1. West End’s online banking platform will no longer be accessible on Friday, May 29, at 9am, and mobile will be unavailable beginning on Wednesday, May 27, at 9am. 

Your 3Rivers consumer online banking access will allow you to view your balances and transactions, pay bills, transfer money, send money to other people, view eStatements, monitor your credit score, and more. Additionally, 3Rivers’ mobile banking app will allow you to instantly deposit checks and utilize mobile wallets, like Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®.

If you are a West End Bank business customer, 3Rivers’ online banking for businesses provides you with the ability to view account balances and transactions, transfer money, pay bills, submit online wire transfers, manage business credit cards, and more. With 3Rivers’ Business Mobile, you can track and transfer funds between deposit accounts, and make deposits through remote deposit capture. 

We encourage you to save your statements or eStatements prior to integration. However, past eStatements from West End will convert to the 3Rivers online banking platform. 

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Direct Deposit, Automatic Payments/Withdrawals, ACH

While your automatic transfers, deposits, and withdrawals should post to your account without interruption, we recommend that you give your new routing number to any person or company who automatically debits or credits your checking or savings account, following conversion.

This includes direct deposits—including payroll, government, investment, and retirement income.

Begin using 3Rivers routing number, 274973222, on May 30.

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Automatic Payments from your Debit Card

If you have any recurring payments, such as a utility bill or subscription made with your West End debit card, you will need to switch your debit card information to your new 3Rivers debit card information.

This includes any instances of saved online debit card information, for access to purchases, such as Amazon®.

These will need to be updated on or after May 30, as your West End debit card will no longer work.

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Bill Pay

Your existing consumer bill payees, payments, and settings will transfer to 3Rivers’ online bill pay system. Following system conversion, after June 1, we recommend you log-in to you online banking to ensure all information transferred correctly.

For business customers, your existing bill payees, payments, and settings will NOT transfer to 3Rivers online bill pay system. You will need to re-enter your bill payees and settings. We encourage you to save or print your bill pay information now, in preparation for re-entering your payees and bills after you enroll in 3Rivers online banking.

NOTE for Business Customers: We strongly encourage you to re-enter your bill pay information ON or after June 1.

We will be sending both consumer and business online bill pay customers more detailed communications, with information and instructions, prior to system conversion weekend.

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West End Bank Loan Payments

Effective May 30, 2020, you will begin to make West End Bank loan payments to 3Rivers Federal Credit Union.

Upon system conversion, all of your current West End loans will appear in your new 3Rivers online account access and mobile banking app, where you will be able to manually pay and schedule your current West End loan payments through 3Rivers’ online and mobile banking. This includes all West End consumer and business loan products, such as auto, unsecured, and mortgage loans.

If you mail your loan payments, please use the following address:

3Rivers Federal Credit Union
PO Box 2573
Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2573

NOTE: You will no longer need to pay with a coupon and will not receive new ones. If you have a supply of loan coupons, you  may discard those. With your next billing cycle, you will receive a monthly billing statement for your existing loan. This will include a remittance section.

Please remember to update any auto-payments that are mailed to West End Bank to the above address.

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