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Let's check in on your financial health!

When’s the last time you took inventory of your overall financial wellness? To feel our best, we put time and effort into our physical, mental, and emotional health. Sometimes, we even seek out specialists for these areas of our lives to help us find ways to improve upon them.

One area we often overlook? Our financial health! And 3Rivers is here to help with just that! Just like you check in with your family doctor, dentist, or therapist regularly, you should feel confident in doing the same with your financial partner. Let’s get a pulse on your current state. Our financial wellness conversations are a low-pressure, no-cost way to check in on your financial health.

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Heading out of town? Mark your cards for travel!

If you’re finalizing your spring break plans away from home, don’t forget to set a travel plan for your 3Rivers debit and credit cards in our Card Control app! Doing so ensures you won’t run into any issues using your cards while you’re away. We’re also always happy to help you mark your cards for travel.

It’s time to spring clean your finances!

Feeling motivated to spring clean the house, garage, and yard? Don’t forget to address your finances while you’re at it! Now is a great time to toss and archive outdated financial documents, review your credit report, and more, to set yourself up for success for the rest of the year.

Protect what matters most to you.

Are you getting the best insurance coverage at the best price? 3Rivers Member Insurance compares prices from over 40 carriers and provides you with a quote in a matter of minutes! Coverage options are available for your home, car, travel, business, pets, and more. Get your quote today!

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