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Community Sponsorships

We love the many exciting events that keep our community bustling and bring us together! If you’re seeking a financial support for your organization’s upcoming event, we’d love to learn more! Please take a few moments to read our guidelines and complete an application form to request funding.

Questions about Community Sponsorships should be directed to:

Funding focus must be consistent with the interest of the credit union. Recipients of 3Rivers community funds must be located within the counties served by 3Rivers Federal Union.

3Rivers Federal Credit Union will make contributions, donate funds, or sponsor events and activities to benefit the community and represent the values of the credit union and its membership.

The 3Rivers does not fund:

  • Endowment campaigns
  • Individuals or individual projects
  • Religious organizations
  • Political causes or candidates

Meeting these criteria does not guarantee 3Rivers’ participation. Consideration for funding will be based on available funds.

Carefully read the instructions to ensure that all the information you provide is thorough and accurate. Detailed instructions are located within the (?) icons placed throughout the application.

You will not have the option to save the application, so please be ready to submit when you begin filling it out. As an extra precaution, consider typing some of your answers in a word document and then transfer the information to avoid losing it. A preview of the application is available here.

The online application works best in Chromium-based web browsers. Unfortunately, the application is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Do not click Back on your browser to navigate between pages. Please utilize the "Back" button provided at the bottom of the application.

Prior to completing your application, please have the following documents ready to submit:

  • Form W-9
  • Sponsorship Packet or Donation Letter (strongly preferred, but not required

All requests must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to the event or sponsorship deadlines, whichever comes first. Applications are reviewed monthly by the 3Rivers Community Engagement Team.

In fairness to all applicants, only one request per organization may be submitted during any 12 month period.

Ready to Apply?

Community Sponsorship applications are currently open.


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