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Credit Union Buddy (CUB) Club Perks

A reward-focused savings club for children 12-and-under.

Your child may just now be taking their first steps or saying their first words, but establishing a savings account for them now can go a long way toward teaching them about money management throughout their childhood. As part of our Livin’ Free Savings account, children who are aged 12 and under can join our Credit Union Buddy (CUB) Club Perks, which make saving money fun and rewarding! !

Our CUB Club Perks include added bonuses for school-aged kids—like our “Pays for A’s” program— that encourage good saving habits and good grades!


CUB Club Perks:

  • Your child will receive a stamp on their CUB Card every time they deposit $15 or more.
  • When your child has 10 stamps for depositing $15 or more to equal a minimum of $150 in their account, they’ll get a 3Rivers CUB mascot stuffed animal!
  • As a CUB Club member, your child will receive $5 for each report card they bring in with a grade of A (or equivalent), earning up to $20 for the school year.*

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*$20 maximum per child per school year awarded to students each grading period. Children K through 5th grade may participate. Grades must be from most recent grading period. Hold put on $5 for 30-day period to encourage saving. Only 1 CUB Club Perk per member.

Potential Checking Features
  • Access to 35K+ Surcharge Free ATMs*
  • Age Requirement
  • CUB Club Perk
  • Long-term Savings
  • No Monthly Minimum
  • Reward/Dividend Options
  • Waivable Monthly Fee*
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

* This table is intended for simple illustration purposes only. Rates, terms, and other applicable attributes will vary by product. Please see specific product page(s) for more detailed information.

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