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3Rivers Rates & Loans

3Rivers Vehicle Loans

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At 3Rivers, we know the value of your vehicle goes beyond the price tag. It helps you and those you love create lasting memories—on the road and beyond.

We’re here to help put you in the driver’s seat when it comes experiencing your life’s most memorable moments and adventures by making it simple to shop for, buy, and protect the vehicles that make them possible. Plus, you’ll enjoy 1% cash back up to $500!*

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We combine all elements of the car buying service by offering:

  • Convenience: Our online and mobile buying process - with competitive rates on all our auto, truck, RV/camper, boat, and/or motorcycle loans - is available 24/7.
  • Protection: We give you the options for peace of mind with added protection plans, including MBP, GAP, Debt Protection, and DPW for your new vehicle.
  • Car Buying Service: We've partnered with the TrueCar car buying service, which helps you search for your new ride at the best price through a network of trusted dealers.
  • Easy Application: Our in-house underwriters provide a quick turnaround on loan processing and approvals. You can apply on the web, from your mobile device, or at  your nearest branch.

Shop Buy Protect

From start to finish, 3Rivers makes the auto buying process simple. When you’re ready for a new ride, we’re ready to help—online, in person, and even over the phone.

Looking to Refinance Your Vehicle?

Refinancing your auto loan may be a smart move, given the right circumstances. For example, if interest rates have dropped, your credit score has improved, or you’ve experienced a financial setback since purchasing your vehicle, a refinance could mean more money each month to use toward other financial goals and priorities. Check out this blog post to learn more about when an auto loan refinance might be in your best interest.



If you've been dreaming of hitting the open waves or cruising the open road, we can help make it a reality! In addition to the traditional auto loan, we offer options for motorcycle, boat, and camper loans.

If you're thinking about refinancing an existing loan, we may be able to save you money—month to month and in the long-run! And right now, you can get 1% cash back up to $500*.

Don’t forget to protect your dream ride—and yourself! We offer coverage options to ensure that both you and your new vehicle are protected.

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*Offer valid on consumer-purpose new money vehicle loans including auto, truck, RV/camper, boat, motorcycle, ATV, personal watercraft, and/or snowmobile or refinances of same from another financial institution. If refinancing an existing 3Rivers loan, a minimum of $5,000 new money is required to get the cash back. Only new money is valid for the 1% cash back. Rebate will be credited to member within 30 days of loan disbursement. Loan must remain at 3Rivers for a minimum of 180 days or rebate amount will be added to the loan upon payoff. No other offers/discounts apply, including rate discounts. Minimum loan amount of $5,000. Maximum cash back of $500 per financed loan. 3Rivers reserves the right to amend, suspend, or discontinue offer at any time.
APR=Annual Percentage Rate. All rates advertised are based upon borrowers qualifications and loan amount.

3Rivers Personal Loans

Not every loan is for something major, like a car or a house. Sometimes, you just need a loan to cover a smaller purchase or to consolidate some existing debts in order to pay them off more quickly.

A personal loan from 3Rivers not only offers you a lower interest rate*, but you’ll also receive 1% cash back up to $200**.

3 Ways to Apply:

  • Determine your eligibility
  • Visit any of our convenient locations
  • Apply using our mobile banking app
  • Call us at 260.490.8328

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*Interest rates are based upon borrower's qualifications.
**Offer valid on new money only. If refinancing existing 3Rivers loan, a minimum of $2,000 new money is required to get the cash back offer. Only new money is eligible for the 1% cash back. $2,000 minimum loan amount. Maximum cash back rebate of $200 per loan or 1% of amount financed, whichever is less. Rebate will be credited within 30 days of loan disbursement and is valid on any qualifying unsecured term loan that is a new loan to 3Rivers. Loan must remain at 3Rivers a minimum of 180 days or rebate amount will be added to loan upon payoff. No other offers/discounts apply, including rate discounts. 3Rivers may amend, suspend, or discontinue offer at any time without notice. Membership at 3Rivers is open to anyone who lives or works in the Indiana counties of Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, Noble, Wells, and Whitley. Individuals may also be eligible based upon where they live or work in Ohio. Contact 3Rivers for details.

3Rivers Mortgages & Home Equity Loans

Whether you’re in the market to build, buy, or renovate, our home loan options are customized to fit your unique mortgage needs. We can help make your home-ownership dreams a reality!

Learn More about your Mortgage & Remodeling Options

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Business & Commercial Lending

Our lending solutions can take your business to the next level! We make the process simple and strive to find personalized solutions to suit your unique needs. We’re locally-based, so the decisions that affect your business are made right here, by people who know you and understand your company’s goals.

Learn More about our Business Lending Options


Student Lending Options

Teens and twenty-somethings who are busy gathering a wealth of knowledge in the classroom are also often in a season of learning about their own finances for the first time. From budgeting and saving to student loans and more, managing money on top of being a student can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help you (and your parents) make sense of your options and navigate your financial journey during this chapter of your life.

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3Rivers Mastercard

With a competitive rate, monthly rewards, and enhanced security, it’s easy to see why cardholders use their 3Rivers Mastercard® credit card more than any other in their wallets!

Consumer Card Business Card


Most 3Rivers Accounts Feature:

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