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Become a Member 

We make it incredibly easy to become a member. If you:

  • work for, are a member, or volunteer at a 3Rivers Partner - a business, nonprofit, or association that offers 3Rivers membership as a benefit to its employees, members, or volunteers
  • are related or share a household with someone who is a current 3Rivers member
  • are related to or share a household with someone who works for, is a member of, or volunteers at one of our 3Rivers Partners

then you qualify to bank with us. It’s that simple!

And opening an account is just as easy. You can stop into one of our conveniently located branches or start your relationship with us online.


Once you've opened an account with us, you're a member. And we can't wait to welcome you!

There are many ways to qualify for membership at 3Rivers. Not sure if you qualify?

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The Credit Union Difference

Although we do a lot of the same things banks do, credit unions have some big differences we think you’ll appreciate. We’re about people helping people—about serving Main Street, not Wall Street. We’re owned by our members, not by stockholders. That means everything that benefits 3Rivers, benefits 3Rivers' members.

3Rivers strives to give back to our members and our communities in everything we do, including:

  • SwitchKit to make switching your accounts over easier
  • Online tools to help you budget, prepare taxes, calculate rates, and more.
  • Volunteerism, sponsorships and grants to hundreds of local non-profit organizations


Already a 3Rivers Member?

Switch your direct deposits and automated payments to 3Rivers with our digital ClickSwitch.


3Rivers Partnerships

3Rivers Partners are organizations, businesses, nonprofits, or associations that offer 3Rivers membership as a benefit to their employees, members, or volunteers. 3Rivers members have access to products and services that are designed to make banking simple and convenient, along with resources that can help them identify and achieve their financial dreams.

For more information and a list of partners, visit our 3Rivers Partners page.

Living and Working in Northeast Indiana

We’re proud to call our vibrant and ever-evolving community “home.” Like so many of the incredible businesses and organizations in our region, 3Rivers is committed to investing in the ideas and the people that spark change and progress for a brighter future.

If you’re searching for a career in our region, you’ll be happy to learn that, not only will you love working here, but living and playing here, too. The affordable cost of living, countless things to do, close proximity to some of the Midwest’s most major cities, and more, will cause you to fall in love with far more than your job!


NEIndiana_RegPartnerLogo      MakeItYourOwn_Logo

We offer space to pull up a chair, plant your roots, and belong to a community of makers, creatives, and entrepreneurs that make our home so special.

NEIndiana Regional Partnership

Digital Banking

Our digital banking solutions allow you to manage your money anytime, anywhere. View account balances, transfer funds, deposit checks, monitor your credit score, and more!

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Your 3Rivers Debit Card

A Mastercard® debit card that can be used for your everyday spending needs.

Your 3Rivers Mastercard® debit card can be attached to your checking account, and up to two accounts can be added for access at any of our conveniently located ATMs. It can also be used to make purchases anywhere you see the Mastercard logo.

PIN Enabled

Use your card securely by choosing a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to authorize transactions. PINs can be changed at any time, free of charge, by calling 800.992.3808.

Contactless Payments

Paying has never been easier! Simply tap your card on the contactless wave logo of the payment terminal when checking out at participating retailers.

Visit a Branch & Leave With Your Debit Card the Same Day

3Rivers branches are equipped to print debit cards on-the-spot so you can visit your nearest branch and leave with your new card in no time. That means you can come in, open your account, and have your card in-hand and ready for use all in one trip!

Track Your Debit Card Spending

Track your debit card purchases anytime, anywhere using online account access or our free mobile banking app! You can also control your cards – turning them off and on, setting spending limits, and more – with our CardValet service. 

Trouble using your debit card? Visit our FAQs to troubleshoot what may be happening and to get help.

Card Control

Card Control® from 3Rivers is a card monitoring service that gives you security and flexibility over your debit, HSA, and credits cards from the tips of your fingers! Turn cards on and off, set spending limits, and more.

Learn More about Card Control Schedule Appointment

Contact Us

For questions or issues during business hours, you can call us at 800.825.3641 or email us. For after business hours assistance, please email us and a 3Rivers team member will be in touch within 24 hours.


If your card is being declined or you believe you may have experienced fraud and are unable to reach us outside of business hours, please use the following numbers to reach Mastercard® support:

Debit Card Assistance: 877.253.8964
Credit Card Assistance: 844.334.3874, option 2

To submit a Fraud Dispute form login to your online account access, under the Tools & Services Section click the option for Member Requests and complete the necessary form. We will contact you within 24 business hours of receiving the form.

Oversight Advantage

Oversight Advantage is a discretionary service provided to members in good standing with eligible accounts to cover accidental overdrafts. If you inadvertently overdraw your account, we have the discretion to cover your overdrafts up to a set limit as outlined in our Master Agreement. (Our Master Agreement is available upon request. Please ask one of our team members – or give us a call at 260.490.8328 – for more information.)

Schedule an AppointmentContact Us

This service helps you complete your important transactions and prevents the embarrassment or inconvenience of your transactions being declined or returned unpaid.

3Rivers' Oversight Advantage service is personalized to meet each checking accountholder’s needs. Your account overdraft limit will be evaluated daily and we will strive to pay transactions based upon your ability to repay an overdraft. Some factors that influence the daily limit include the amount and frequency of deposits and how long the account has been open.

As a benefit of your 3Rivers membership, Oversight Advantage is automatically available for checks and ACH transactions. We only approve and pay overdrafts for ATM and everyday debit card transactions if you ask us to.*

*For business accounts, Oversight Advantage automatically includes coverage of overdrafts for ATM and everyday debit card transactions. 

Oversight Advantage Coverage

Last updated: 4/1/2021
Transactions Covered with Oversight Advantage Standard Coverage (No action required) Extended Coverage (Your consent required)**
ACH - Auto Debits
ATM Withdrawals ● **
Everyday Debit Card Purchases ● **
In-Person Withdrawals
Online Bill Pay Items
Recurring Debit Card Payments

** If you choose Extended Coverage, ATM withdrawals and everyday debit card transactions will be included with the transactions listed under Standard Coverage.  If you have previously requested Extended Oversight Advantage coverage, it is not necessary to request it again.  Business accounts automatically have Extended Coverage.

Additionally, you can request that your overdrafts be covered first by available funds from an established credit line, your 3Rivers credit card, or another share account. You can also have Oversight Advantage removed completely. To set up a transfer option or have Oversight Advantage removed from your account, please contact us at 800-825-3641 option 1.

How can I sign up?

If you authorize 3Rivers to pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions, you also agree that we may charge you a $33 fee each time such transactions occur. To authorize us to pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions, or to revoke your decision to have ATM and everyday debit transactions covered under Oversight Advantage, please click the button below:

Extend Oversight Advantage to my debit card

You may also send your request in writing to:

3Rivers Credit Union
Attn: Internal Operations
P.O. Box 2573
Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2573

Please review the following important information:

Your account will be charged on overdraft fee of $33.00 for each item that is paid by Oversight Advantage. 3Rivers uses your current balance when determining whether a transaction will cause your account to overdraw and for charging overdraft and NSF fees. Your current balance is the amount of money that is actually in your account at any given time. Your current balance reflects transactions that have “posted” to your account but it does not include transactions that have been authorized and are pending.

3Rivers has the discretion to pay your overdrafts but is not obligated to do so. We may withdraw or reduce the amount of this privilege at any time. An overdrawn balance must be repaid within 35 days or your Oversight Advantage limit may be removed.

This service is offered as an additional benefit of doing business with 3Rivers. It is our pleasure to make this courtesy available to you as a means of expressing our appreciation for the confidence you have placed in 3Rivers by entrusting us with your financial relationship.

Need to Reorder Checks?

3Rivers has partnered with Deluxe Checks to give you the ability to reorder checks when you run out. With a huge variety of styles and design options, you can show off your unique personality every time you make a payment.

3Rivers members can get 10% off their check reorders when ordering online through Deluxe Checks. Simply enter "3Riverspromo" in the promotion code field when checking out!

Reorder Deluxe Checks


Notary Services

Notaries serve as impartial witnesses and fraud deterrents for legal documents, including wills, contracts, property deeds, and other transactions and agreements. 3Rivers offers notary services free of charge to our members.

We can also assist non-members with notary services for a fee:

  • Indiana: $10
  • Ohio: $2

If you're in need of a notary, please schedule an appointment at your nearest 3Rivers branch.

Refer Your Friends To 3Rivers!

Whether you’ve just begun your journey as a credit union member, or have been a part of the 3Rivers family for decades, we hope you’re proud to be here.

If we’ve made a positive impact in your life, we’d love for you to spread the word so we can help even more people in our community experience better banking. Refer your friends to open a checking account (via our referral engine below) so they can benefit from the credit union difference, too!

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