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10 Thrifty Ways to Save Money on Halloween

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Last year, Americans spent $9.1 billion dollars on Halloween. Now that's scary! Fear not, though, readers — for there are several spooktacular ways to save on this much-loved holiday.

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Decorate with Items You Have On Hand

You'd be surprised at just how many Halloween decorations you can make, quickly and cheaply, with items that are already lying around your home. Make a giant yard spider out of black garbage bags, cobwebs from cotton balls, and tombstones from cardboard. Simply lighting a candle can add a perfect eerie glow and pouring your seasonal orange and yellow packaged candies (or M&Ms, candy corn, or jelly beans) into glass containers will add a pop of Halloween color to your home.

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Make Pumpkin Purchases Last Minute

Waiting until the last few days before Halloween to purchase your pumpkins might mean you'll deal with some slim-pickings, but it'll also save you several dollars. Plus, you won't have the issue of the pumpkins going bad before Halloween rolls around. Check out your standard grocery and retail stores a day or two before the holiday for some majorly slashed prices.

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Craft Your Own Costumes

The average cost of a Halloween costume nowadays rings in at a whopping $70. Multiply that by a family of four and you're out $280 for outfits you'll likely only wear once or twice. Designing your own costume might cost you a little more in time, but imagine what you can do with those monetary savings! Dig through your own closets, borrow from friends and family, and visit your nearest thrift shop to create a one-of-a-kind ensemble.

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Enjoy a Night In

If you're strapped for cash or simply trying to save up this season, then visits to all of the Halloween-themed attractions, movies, and experiences — which often cost $10-20 per ticket or more — might not be the best way to spend your money. Instead, host a scary night at home. Make it fun! Set the mood by keeping the lights off all night, using only flashlights to move about. Create a playlist of spooky tunes, rent or stream a scary movie or two, whip up some Halloween-inspired recipes, and read a couple of ghost stories aloud

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Buy Candy in Bulk

Your best bet for saving on candy is to buy in bulk at warehouse retailers - like Costco, GFS, or Sam's Club. Opt for hard candies rather than chocolates, as they will always run quite a bit cheaper. If a warehouse retailer isn't an option for you, then check out dollar stores - many will offer name brand sweets at a lower price. If you're okay with procrastinating, wait until the day before or the day of Halloween, as retailers begin marking down their current holiday merchandise to start switching it out for the next. And as always, don't forget coupons!

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Find Free Events

Many community centers, churches, libraries, and more, offer free Halloween-themed events (like trunk or treats, storytimes, and craft activities) during the month of October, especially for the kiddos. Find out what's happening in your area and take advantage of frightfully cheap fun. And don't forget about Fort Wayne's Fright Night!

Visit Dollar + Thrift Stores

Skip shopping at major retailers for things like decorations and add-ons to costumes as they tend to mark-up these items during the month of October. Dollar stores and thrift shops should be your first stop. Even better, stock up during their 50% off sales!

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Go Online

The Internet is your best friend for things like free Halloween music, pumpkin carving patternsHalloween activities for kidsparty invitations, and more.

Throw a Party on a Budget

If you plan on throwing a hair-raising Halloween bash, you don't have to go broke. Plan an after-dinner party to save on food and drinks, and encourage guests to bring along a treat or drinks to share. Make your own decorations and costumes, stream movies and music you already have available, and stock up on other necessities at thrift and dollar stores. 

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Prepare for Next Halloween on the Cheap

Once all of the ghoulish games and fearsome fun have come to an end, use some of the money you've saved with these tips to purchase high-quality, long-lasting Halloween decorations once they're marked down. Most retailers slash prices by 50-90% in the days and weeks following Halloween. You can also stock up on discounted candy and costumes to use and gift for the upcoming holidays!

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What are your best tips for saving money on all things Halloween? Share them with us in the comments!

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