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3 Tools to Find Relevant Scholarships

Navigating the sea of available scholarships can often feel overwhelming for students and their families. Finding scholarships that match a student’s profile and needs is crucial. Good news! Several tools have been developed to streamline the search process, making it easier to uncover opportunities that can make higher education more affordable. Here are three essential tools to kickstart your scholarship search.

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1. Questa Education Foundation’s Scholarship Search Tool

Questa Foundation is a Fort Wayne-based nonprofit organization that supports students in a variety of ways, from employer contributions toward education to forgivable student loans. They launched their scholarship search tool in 2023 that highlights our local scholarships. At the time of writing this piece, there were 604 awards available! Starting here is a great primer to a deeper search. | Get started.

2. An internet search including your program of study

One of the quickest, easiest, and most direct ways to find scholarships is your preferred web browser. Try our Google search recommendation for immediate results!

A screenshot of a search term for finding scholarships online.

Google’s search engine adds terms with “+” and subtracts terms with “-“. Use this to your advantage! Note: with the right search terms, you can narrow in on your specific university, major, state, country, ethnicity, or any number of other related factors. Try out a few!

3. CareerOneStop Scholarship Finder

This tool is a product of the US Department of Labor and hosts scholarships on a variety of topics. At the time of this posts, there were 9,587 awards available (about 6,100 of those are for undergraduate students, and another 700 for high school students). That’s a lot of opportunities! The “Filter By” tool is a great way to lighten your search by removing topics you don’t care about. Do this early! Scholarships on this page are refreshed very regularly; you’ll likely never see the same list twice. | Get started.


The journey to find scholarships doesn’t have to be a solo voyage. Students can uncover a wealth of opportunities tailored to their unique profiles using these tips. Our Youth & College Team is always happy to meet as well! High school students, college/trade students, and returning adults can all benefit from personalized scholarship and financial aid help! Contact us for more info or to schedule a time to chat.

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