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4 Options to Consider for More Financial Aid

As we near mid-summer, college tuition payments are coming due! Some schools are asking for payments as early as August 1. Are you ready?

Students standing in room at college.

If you have college funding gaps that need to be filled, there are still options for additional financial aid. We’d love to help you explore ways to get this semester paid for.

Here are four avenues to consider:

  • Specific majors have highly specified funding programs. The Nurse Corps (for nursing students) and the TEACH grant (for education students) are two examples. Your field may have its own!
  • Calls to your school’s financial aid office to ask for additional aid can be very effective, as long as you follow their rules. Financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz explains his process here.
  • Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans range from $5,500 for first-year to $20,500 for graduate-level students. These tend to be the most flexible and quickest loans to obtain. If you have unpaid expenses and need a loan, this is the place to start!
  • 3Rivers offers a private student loan to help cover expenses that remain after other sources of financial aid have been received. For more information, check out our FAQ!

If you’d like help deciding which funding options are right for your situation, our Youth & College Team is always happy to help! We meet with students and families Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, and on Saturdays by request.

Let's talk! Give us a call at 800.825.3641 ext. 8265 or email us at

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