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Christmas in July: 20 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas Under $20

Once you've come up with a holiday-focused savings plan and created a holiday budget, it's time to start thinking about gift-giving. While you'll likely make several purchases in-store and online for your loved ones, DIY gifts are becoming increasingly common, and really do feel a little more special (to give and to receive!)

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Today's Christmas in July post is full of DIY projects, all of which can be created for under $20 a piece or less. Read on for more inspiration!


Instead of forking over tons of money for a poster with the face of your best friend's favorite singer plastered all over it, take note of their favorite song and create a unique piece of wall art using a favorite lyric!

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This would also work well for a loved one's favorite motivational, movie, or book quotes and phrases.

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Your loved one will think of you every time they sip their morning coffee with one of these totally personalized mugs!

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Having a theme in mind will make your holiday gift-buying so much simpler.

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Gifting to a couple who recently moved into their first home? Create a housewarming-inspired basket. Movie fanatic? Create a movie-night-in themed gift using a popcorn bucket for the basket. Scrapbook-lover? Stock them up on basic supplies using a crate that they can incorporate into their craft storage. The opportunities are endless!

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College dorms, apartments, family homes - any and every space can benefit from a solid set of coasters - and they don't have to be pricey or boring.

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Get creative and give your friends and family a fun place to set their drinks. From comic pages to fabric, scrabble pieces to pennies, and everything in between, you can create a set of coasters that perfectly suits their interests.

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Wreaths don't have to consist of fake flowers, burlap, or other standard crafty materials. Think outside of the box. Will you be gifting to a tea or candy lover?

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Giving them a few of their favorite treats in this fashion will ensure each drink (or bite) will be a little more fun! Plus, if they keep adding to it as the supply lessens, it could make a great addition to their home decor.

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Is grandpa retiring from his many years of hard work at the office? He won't be needing those ties anymore, but they might hold a lot of proud memories that he could have on display!

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Kiddos will probably receive plenty of toys during the holidays, so why not create a cozy place for them to play?

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These comfy, easy-to-make and affordable pillow mats will give young'uns just the place to lounge around and play throughout the cold winter months and can even double as a summertime essential for camping and picnics!

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Give a one-of-a-kind phone case for the holidays, for much, MUCH less than what a brand new one from the store costs. You can purchase clear phone cases on Amazon and at some craft stores. Then, doodle, glue, and create away!

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You can craft a fancy case using all kinds of mediums, including acrylics, fabric, glitter, sequins, and even fingernail polish.

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Make ten candles yourself for the price of one you'd buy at the store and we promise the scents will be just as delightful once you find the right ingredients!

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You can incorporate single essential oils or mix and match. Or, get even crazier with coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, beeswax, and more. Go fancy and make your candle in a mason jar, teacup, or any other empty piece you have lying around.

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Do half of the work for them by getting together all of the ingredients needed for a drink or baked good mix, attach the recipe and maybe a little extra (like a whisk, cookie cutter, or mug) and ta-da! All they have to do is add water and heat or bake.

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This will definitely be a great snow-day go-to and they'll be oh-so-thankful you did the hardest part for them.

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Never quite sure what your book-lover friends and family already own? Bypass the books, then, and give them something that'll help them keep their shelves in order and add a little something extra to their at-home library.

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Perhaps the most affordable DIY holiday gift - one that you'll spend no money, only a little time on. The "IOU coupon book."

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Think of a few things that your friend or family member will appreciate more than a store-bought gift. Maybe they'd like a quiet, at-home dinner with you, or some help rearranging their living room. Perhaps a girls-night-in, or a helping hand with a major home improvement project. Promise them a bit of your time, and they'll be tickled.

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Spa-inspired gifts are always appreciated, but especially in the winter. Gift a homemade body scrub, soap, lotion, or bubble bath, and you'll be giving a much-needed, stress-relieving way to escape Winter's wrath, even if just for a few minutes!

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Gifting to a music-junkie? Vinyl records are making a comeback - both on the turntable and off. Use them to craft bowls, bookends, mirrors, coasters, and more.

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Don't toss out those Altoid tins once the mints are gone! Use them to create mini-sewing kits, survival kits, jewelry holders, and more. What a perfect stocking stuffer!

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Know someone who is always leaving someone out in the open that should be? Give them a place to stash their cash, notes, or simply unsightly stuff with this secret book safe!

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Use old books you have lying around, or snag some cheap ones as you see them at thrift shops, secondhand stores, and yard sales.

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Sure, a fresh bag of unique, roasted coffee is a wonderful gift, but getting it straight from your favorite local coffee roaster as holiday gifts can add up quick.

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Why not try your hand at a batch or two?

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Much like phone cases, e-reader, tablet, and laptop covers can cost a pretty penny (and then some.) Make it unique and craft your own to gift to that special someone. 

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A pillowcase that pops will give the bedroom or living room a little extra flair.

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Pillowcase DIYs can be altered to fit standard size bed pillows, small throw pillows, and more! You can also upcycle pillowcases for various other crafts, too.

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This quick and affordable gift would pair wonderfully with a homemade body scrub or DIY pillowcase! Help add to the relax-factor with one of these comforting eye pillows.

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They'll help relieve headaches, tired eyes, and stress levels for those of all ages, anytime of the year.

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Don't forget Fluffy and Fido! Give them a special place to rest by repurposing a vintage suitcase and craft one of these fancy pet beds for cheap.

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What are some of your favorite DIY gift projects - that you've either given or received? We'd love to hear about them!

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