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Fun Money Facts: How Many Currencies Are Used Around the World?

Answer: About 180 currencies are used around the globe today.

Currencies Used Around the World | Image source: / Photographer: maoyunping

Here are just a handful of examples:

  • United States: US Dollars ($) and Cents
  • Mexico: Mexican Pesos ($) and Centavos
  • Canada: Canadian Dollars ($) and Cents
  • United Kingdom: British Pounds (£) and Pennies
  • France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain: Euros (€) and Cents
  • China: Chinese Yuans (¥ or 元) and Fen
  • Australia: Australian Dollars ($) and Cents
  • South Africa: South African Rands (R) and Cents
  • India: Indian Rupees (₹) and Paisa

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