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Graduate College Happier: Choose Your Career, Not Your College Major

In last week's Graduate College Happier post, we talked about thinking of college as an investment. Today, our series continues as we discuss how important it is that you do your research before choosing your field of study.

Choose Your Career, Not Your College Major

The average student switches his or her major at least three times before they graduate. In doing so, he or she loses class credits, not to mention time and money too.  This raises the question, why do students switch degrees so much?

Choose Your Career, Not Your Collegel Major | Image source: / Photographer: Monkey Business Images

One reason for this is that many students go into college not knowing what they want their career to be. To save time and money from not switching your college major, college-bound students can explore career options at the Department of Labor’s career resource,  This resource shares the education needed, job outlook, average salary of each career, and more. 

In doing career exploration early, you can pick your career, find a college major that best supports that career, and save money on your college investment by cutting down on losing time and money from switching majors.

Check back next week as our Graduate College Happier series continues with Find the Best School at the Best Price.

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