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Graduate College Happier: Resumés Require More Than Just Your Degree

In our past Graduate College Happier posts, we've discussed thinking of college as an investment, choosing your career rather than your major, and finding the best school at the best price. Today, we continue our series with a focus on resumés.

Resumés Require More Than Just Your Degree

Getting a degree and a high grade point average are just two bullet points on your resumé.  The happy college graduate has a resumé that includes internships, an extensive work history, volunteer and extracurricular experiences, multiple languages, and more.  Consider college as one factor amongst many in becoming happily employed at the career of your choice.

Craft a Winning Resume | Image source: / Photographer: andia

Happy college graduates consider college as an investment.  They work to find what they want their career to be ahead of time, pick a college major and a school to support that career, and fill out their resumé with more information than just their college degree experience.

Check out these tips for creating an awesome resumé.

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