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We’re currently experiencing issues with a number of cell phone providers not allowing calls into branches. If you need assistance, please consider using a land line or our chat feature. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Looking for some quick and simple answers to common questions like, "What are your holiday hours?" "How do I reset my mobile password?" "What's your routing number?" and more? You might want to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page!

3Rivers Credit Union FAQs | Image source: / Photographer: PixDeluxe

Additionally, note that you can type a word or phrase related to your question into the Search field by clicking the Search Tab (located in the top right hand corner of our website, with a magnifying glass icon) and search our entire site that way.

Still not finding what you're looking for? Visit our Contact Us page, which has answers to even more FAQs and our direct contact information!

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