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Holiday Head Start: The Best Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals

Okay, so we've discussed saving hundreds of dollars this holiday season, gone over a few ways to pay for holiday expenses, rounded up over 300 (affordable) DIY gift ideas, and shared some tips for cutting down on holiday travel costs. What's left? Making sure you know what the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are, of course!

Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals | Image source: / Photographer: Arina P Habich

We've already gone over some tips for saving time and stress during Black Friday shopping, but have you decided where you'll be going yet? Doing your research and going in with a gameplan are key to making sure you stay on budget and get what you go in for, without getting burnt out... or going broke.

Below, we've compiled a list of sites that update visitors with the latest holiday shopping deals. You can also flip through many popular retailers' Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads as they become available and compare prices so you know exactly where to go and how much you'll be spending!

Most retailers, like Target, Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, Gamestop and more offer previews of what they'll have available during these sales, and many include their full page ads online, too. A simple online search will help you find out what a store will be offering on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In addition, don't forget about Small Business Saturday - help support local, small businesses in your area by making your holiday purchases at their locations on November 29!

Don't forget to create a holiday budget forget before you dive into these sales to prevent overspending!

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