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In Case You Missed It: 3Rivers Members Can Bank (for Free) Anywhere in the USA!

Today, we're here to bust a common myth about credit union membership. While many love that credit unions keep it local and support the communities in which they operate, those same people often believe that because their financial institution only has branches in their immediate area, they need accounts at a big bank, too, for when they're travelling out of state, or that they need to switch financial institutions entirely when they move away.

Shared Branching at 3Rivers | Image source: / Photographer: Goodluz

When it comes to 3Rivers members, this is FALSE!

We encourage our members to remain members when they find themselves away from home in order to avoid the hassle of shopping around for, and switching to, another financial institution, or having to keep track of multiple accounts across multiple institutions. And we have plenty of tools in place to ensure our members can do all of their banking (free of charge) no matter where they are in the nation. Just be sure to let us know when you'll be taking a trip or making the move!

Shared Branching

As a credit union and a cooperative, we have the benefit of being in a massive network of shared branches and shared ATMs. What this means is that, if you're in another city, you can walk into a shared credit union branch and conduct any banking you would do at a 3Rivers branch free of charge. Additionally, ATMs in the shared branch network will allow you to use them at no cost to you! Easily find shared branches and ATMs on our Locations page.

Online Access

You can check your balance, make transfers, pay bills online, update your information, view statements, and more - 24/7 - using Online Access.

Mobile Access

Mobile access allows you to check your balance, make transfers, deposit checks, and pay bills when you're on the go - anytime, anywhere. You can learn more here.

So go ahead and explore the world without stressing about your finances. 3Rivers will happily join you on your journeys!

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