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Student Life: The Financial Aid Office

Getting to know your school’s financial aid office well is crucial for university students.  While financial aid starts with filing the FAFSA every year, there are many more things a school’s financial aid office can do for you.

Get to Know Your Financial Aid Office | Image source: / Photographer: bikeriderlondon

A college’s Financial Aid Office (FAO) helps you:

  • make smart borrowing decisions
  • complete financial aid forms
  • appeal financial aid decisions if needed
  • show your financial aid amount received

The FAO also provides useful information concerning:

  • federal and private loan options
  • aid programs your school offers
  • deadlines for aid applications
  • money management techniques

Be sure to check in with your university's financial aid office to maximize your financial aid and get guidance on financial aid money matters! For more student resources, check out our Students page.

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