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Thrifty Thursday: Mend Your Own Clothes + Save Money

A rip here, a tear there, a broken zipper... jeans that drag and sleeves that snag. It happens to the best of us. Experiencing one of these clothing woes, though, doesn't mean you have to toss your garments before you've gotten your money's worth. Skip immediately buying a replacement and save big bucks by mending your own clothes. These ten fixes are easy to learn and incredibly useful.

How to Mend Your Own Clothes | Image source: / Photographer: Mend Clothes to Save Money | Image source: / Photographer: Es75

Replace a Button

You’re doing a quick mirror check and discover the unexpected... a missing button! When did that happen? Fear not. Sewing a button back onto your threads is quite simple. Side note: make a point to save those extra buttons that come with newly purchased shirts, coats, and dresses. Place them all in a jar so that if a button does go missing, you'll be sure to have the exact one you need to replace it! | Tutorial here.

Stitch a Ripped Seam

Too much stress on a seam can result in it bursting. It happens. It doesn't mean it's time to let go of whatever it is that's now split in a certain spot. Suture it up! | Tutorial here.

Repair a Broken Zipper

This can seem like the worst. The absolute worst. The there's-no-going-back, it-will-never-be-the-same worst. Not so fast! Repairing a zipper can be done and it can be totally worth it - especially if it means you get to wear that brand new designer blazer or those $80 pair of jeans until they literally fall apart! | Tutorial here.

Replace a Missing Zipper Pull

This is the second most (seemingly) dreadful thing that can happen when it comes to clothing malfunctions. But zipper pulls are a super easy fix. You can even use key-chains or get crafty and create a totally unique pull when replacing it! |Tutorial here.

Use Vinegar to Remove Stains

Whipping up a quick spaghetti dinner result in red sauce all over your favorite top? Don’t panic. Pull out the white vinegar while the garlic bread finishes baking and use it to remove all kinds of stains from your most beloved wears. While you're at it, mix it with a little baking soda and use the mixture to scrub up your kitchen once the meal is done! | Tutorial here.

Replace a Drawstring

Admit it: Your heart sinks a little anytime the drawstrings on your hoodie or pajama bottoms has fallen into the unknown depths of the rest of the fabric because a knot’s come undone or, worst case scenario, a drawstring snaps. Good news: This, too, can be easily fixed. |  Tutorial here.

Patch a Hole in Your Jeans

Have your jeans finally given way to an unsightly hole? Find out how to patch it up so you can keep sporting your favorite bottoms! Try getting really creative and using material like lace to make an even bolder fashion statement. | Tutorial here.

Mend a Torn Lining

If you have a lining to mend, then you probably spent pretty good money (or maybe you lucked out and found a really great steal at the thrift shop) to own whatever it is that has that silky, glorious, inner layer to it. So, it's a real bummer when it starts to fray or flat-out rips on you. Don't even think about giving up on it. Put it back together and wear it with the pride it deserves! | Tutorial here.

Hem a Pair of Pants

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with dress pants. They're usually very flattering in every area except the lengthy bits that drag and rip before we even get to the office or presentation. Fortunately, hemming them to a perfect length is totally doable. | Tutorial here. Jeans a little too long, too? While the process is a little different than with dress pants, you can alter them yourself and save the time and the cash you'd spend taking them to a tailor. | Tutorial here.

Hem a Shirt

Prefer not tucking your shirt in, but find that they're always a little too baggy? If you're not going for the tunic look, you can easily hem your shirt into a perfectly-fitting piece of clothing that will look like it was made just for you! | Tutorial here.

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What are the most annoying clothing woes you've dealt with? Next time one happens to you and your wardrobe, break out these tricks before buying a replacement! You might be surprised at how much of a seamstress or fashion designer you can really be.

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