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Watch-it-Wednesday: Sesame Street Can Help Your Kids Learn Personal Finance Basics

If you're a parent, teacher, or babysitter, you know that kids tend to pick up and retain important information much better when it comes from a source they look up to. Namely, TV characters. Enter Elmo and friends!

Sesame Street has an awesome multimedia program aimed at young children called For Me, For You, For Later that focuses on helping "families share experiences in developing financial basics that will impact their children now and in the future."



As stated on the program's website, "Each time your young child sees you spend money or use the ATM, she is building an understanding of what money is. You can guide that understanding with simple activities about making good choices; what has value; and spending, sharing, and saving. Over time you'll see that, through everyday conversations and fun activities, you can help your child grow up to make good financial decisions."

Make teaching your child about personal finance fun by checking out the program - which includes not only videos, but podcasts, games, and printables too - today!

What financial lessons have you taught your children and what approach have you taken? Share your best tips with others in the comments section below!

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