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What You Should Know About EnFact, Our Fraud Monitoring System

At 3Rivers, we use a combination of security features to help protect your accounts against various types of fraud, from local scams to nationwide data breaches and more. It's crucial that you are aware of the products and services that are working for you, as some of them may require your attention and engagement to ensure they perform at an optimal level.

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EnFact, our fraud monitoring system, is a powerful tool that is constantly working to catch suspicious activity on your debit and credit card accounts. When suspicious activity is detected, EnFact will contact you via phone to verify that the transactions made, or those attempting to be made, are coming from you and not a scammer.

It can be unexpected and perhaps unsettling to receive a phone call asking you about your purchase history - especially if you're away on vacation or don't recall making out-of-the-ordinary purchases recently. However, it's important to keep in mind that a call from EnFact is an example of 3Rivers fraud protection working to guard your identity and your accounts. More importantly, you need to respond to these calls, as failing to do so may leave the door open for fraud to occur or result in your card being frozen from future use in order to prevent it.

Questions about EnFact? Here's what you should know.

What number will Enfact call me from?

Calls from EnFact will come during business hours from 800.279.2674 or 800.262.2024.

What will happen during the call?

EnFact will let you know that they are calling on behalf of 3Rivers. They may ask a few questions to verify your identity, and will then ask you to verify recent transaction activity on your card (for example, "Did you recently make a purchase in the amount of $14.92 at ABC gas station?")

Listen carefully and feel free to ask for clarification, or for them to repeat the dollar amounts and merchant names if needed.

If you're able to confirm that you're the one who made the transactions, the call will wrap up. If you confirm that the activity is fraudulent, more steps will be taken (see below.)

What if I miss the call?

Should you miss their call, EnFact will leave a voicemail, which will include a case number. Contact Enfact at 877.253.8964 regarding you debit card and 844.334.3874 option 2 regarding your credit card, with your case number, to verify the suspicious transactions. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at 260.490.8328.

What if you don't have my phone number?

We ask that you take a moment to confirm that we have ALL of your current phone numbers on file with us - including home and mobile numbers. EnFact will call any number you have listed on file in an attempt to alert you of unusual activity. You can make sure your information is up-to-date by filling out this form, calling us at 800.825.3641, or stopping into your nearest branch.

You can also opt-in to receive text alerts about important information, including data breaches, by clicking here.

What kind of activity might be considered suspicious?

Reasons EnFact may call you include, but are not limited to:

  • Your card was used to make a purchase out-of-state (be sure to tell us if you're traveling, so we can mark your card.)
  • Your card was used to make a transaction with a larger dollar amount, or a series of larger dollar amounts, than you typically spend.
  • Your card was used to make a purchase at a store you haven't frequented or visited in the past.
  • Your card was used out-of-state or at a retailer you don't frequent and your PIN number was entered wrong.

Keep in mind that you won't receive a call each and every time you find yourself in one of these situations. EnFact predicts the probability of fraud on an account by comparing current transactions to current fraud trends, and reaches out when something seems really suspicious.

What happens if it is discovered that my card information actually has been compromised?

In the event that you confirm fraud has taken place, your card will be blocked or restricted to prevent additional fraudulent transactions from posting, and 3Rivers will cancel your card.

From there, you'll need to contact us during normal business hours - call 260.490.8328 or stop into a branch - to verify that your card has been closed and that no fraudulent transactions have cleared your account. If fraudulent transactions have cleared, you will be asked to fill out a fraud form. At this point, we will send you a new card, or you can stop into one of our conveniently located branches to have a new one printed on-the-spot.

In some cases, you'll want to find out who stole your information and press charges. This will require filing a police report.

For more information on fraud protection and reporting fraud, visit our Fraud Protection Library.

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