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Which Checking Account is Right for You? Explore Our Options!

3Rivers recognizes that a checking account best suited for one member may not be the best option for another, based on varying financial situations and lifestyles. As our lives evolve into different stages and seasons, the checking accounts we opened years ago may no longer be the best fit for us now. That's why we have several checking solutions to choose from, all built with numerous life stages and situations in mind.

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Whether you've not yet opened a checking account with us, or just want to ensure that you're in the right product for your financial needs and spending habits, it's worthwhile to review all of the options available to you!

Compare Products: You can do a side-by-side comparison of our products with our checking comparison sheet by clicking here.

Here's a quick overview of our checking products:

Cash Back Checking

Who says a checking account can't pay you back? Certainly not us! Our Cash Back Checking puts money right back into your account each month. The more you use your 3Rivers debit card to pay for everyday purchases, the more you earn!


Dividends+ Checking

A checking account that fits your lifestyle and rewards you with a higher monthly dividend!


Livin' Free Checking

Livin' Free Checking is perfect for teens and twenty-somethings who are just getting started with their finances. This product is designed for 13-to-25-year-olds and offers all of the main perks of our other products, no monthly fee, and "Oops Refunds." 


Reward Checking

If you keep a good chunk of change in your account on a regular basis and want to earn more in dividends, this may be the account for you. It offers all the flexibility of a checking account with rates normally reserved for Money Market accounts.


Standard Checking

If you need a basic checking account to avoid carrying cash everywhere, this account will give you the security of writing checks, and you can add a Mastercard© debit card for even more spending power.


Additionally, we offer Onward Checking, designed to help those who have had difficulties in past money matters and need a little help getting back on their feet.

Manage & Spend Your Money, Your Way

Most of our checking accounts offer you several ways to manage and spend your money. Our 3Rivers Mastercard¬© debit cards come equipped with EMV chip and tap-to-pay technology, and can be printed on-demand in our branches should you need a same-day card or replacement card! You can check balances, transfer funds, and monitor your checking accounts 24/7 with 3Rivers online and mobile banking. Set spending limits, turn cards on and off, set travel plans, and get alerts with our Card Control app. Access our conveniently located ATMs when at home, and our nationwide network of shared ATMs while traveling. And get a 10% discount when ordering checks with our special promo code through Deluxe Checks!

Questions about any of these products and their offerings? Want to discuss making the switch from one 3Rivers checking account to another? We'd love to help! Schedule an appointment to visit your nearest branch or give us a call at 800.825.3641 today!

View our current checking account rates and fees here.

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