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3Rivers Grant Stories

Blue Jacket

"Scott Buchs lived most of his life in the past. He lived with doubt, worry, shame, and guilt, which ended up hurting him in the long run. Due to the challenge he faces with Crohn’s Disease and his past, he found himself at Blue Jacket’s front door. “They were able to push and believe in me, which allowed me to maintain hope," he says. "I was able to learn my past does not define me or my future because of Blue Jacket.”

"This year, Scott has the opportunity to be featured as one of the clients for Blue Jacket’s 3rd Annual Second Chance Art Exhibit. The event is on May 19th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the University of Saint Francis School of Creative Arts."

Community Transportation Network (CTN)

“I have been riding with CTN for 8 years, and it's the best thing that I know for transportation. I have tried everybody and I couldn’t get anybody until I called CTN. Ever since I started riding with them, I have no problems going to my doctor's appointments. If it wasn’t for CTN, I don’t know what I would do. CTN is all I have, and what a wonderful crew!"

“I have been riding many years, and through teeth surgeries, eye surgeries, doctor visits, and grocery shopping, CTN has provided transportation. They have professional and compassionate schedulers and drivers.”

“Very impressed how drivers make sure I get inside the building and don’t slip and fall. I had an experience where I fell in my garage, and the driver took me to urgent care and waited there for me until the doctor saw me (no stitches or broken bones) then took me home.”

Healthier Moms and Babies

“Our case manager Ashley nominated ‘Mom S.’ for our Mom of the Month because of all the obstacles she overcame to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

“Mom S. and her family had moved from Puerto Rico to Miami. Realizing how expensive life is in Miami, the family decided to start a life in Ft Wayne, which meant leaving behind their family and support team. After moving to Fort Wayne, her husband lost his job and began working several part-time jobs to make ends meet. Her OB provider was on the opposite side of town, but despite their limited funds for gas, she made every prenatal appointment.

“Mom S. was very worried about getting the basic supplies she needed for her two children and about preparing for her baby. Due to her limited resources and lack of support, Ashley referred Mom S. to the Women’s Care Center Crib Club program. Not only was Mom S. able to earn much-needed supplies for her baby, she was also able to meet other women through Women’s Care Center, and they have become her support network in Fort Wayne.

“Ashley also referred Mom S’s husband to community resources, which helped him find full-time employment before the baby was born.

“Mom S. delivered a healthy baby girl! Mom S. told us that she is amazed with our services and how helpful the case management staff are. She told us, ‘Thank God I was referred to you guys, and may God bless you all always for the amazing job you do helping so many moms and their babies.’”

Matthew 25

“My life has been hugely impacted. I was so scared when I heard that I had six months to a year before I went blind. But my Matthew 25 doctor told me, ‘I will NOT let you go blind.’ That man has seen me monthly, for years – with no copay and no fees. Now it’s been almost four years. I’m so grateful that I’m still sighted. I have a new grandbaby, and I can see her face – and it’s amazing. I don’t think people really get the full spectrum of what Matthew 25 is about. These people really care about our well being and care whether we’re still here tomorrow.” ~ Matthew 25 patient

"I had a brain tumor. Matthew 25 Clinic placed me on a treatment which shrank my tumor and in turn made it possible to have my little girl! I just want to thank every donor and volunteer of Matthew 25 Clinic from the bottom of my heart, for without your help, hard work, and dedication, I would probably never have had the opportunity to become a mother! I will never forget the gift you have given me." ~ Matthew 25 patient

"A patient arrived to our clinic very close to diabetic coma with blood sugar over 1200. We stabilized him and sent him to the hospital. He is now doing well; he found a job delivering newspapers to support his son, and has access–through Matthew 25–to insulin and testing supplies he needs daily." ~ Ermina Mustedanagic, Director of Operations and Development at Matthew 25

Just Neighbors - Interfaith Homeless Network

"Just Neighbors is the only emergency shelter in the Fort Wayne area that serves homeless families. Our program keeps the family unit together as they strive toward self-sufficiency. 3Rivers Credit Union Foundation's funding has allowed us to increase our healthcare and hygiene assistance to our guests. We have been able to subsidize physician co-pays and prescription costs as well as provide health and hygiene products such as diapers, soap, shampoo, and over-the-counter medicines. By saving money on these items, our families have been able to reallocate funds towards their savings for future household security deposits, utililty payments, and rent."

Adult Life Training

“Because of your wonderful generosity, we have been able to replace the 2003 vintage computers with contemporary equipment, including computers and tablets. These computers should last for the next 10-13 years. You touched a lot of people with one donation and it has just started! I really had no idea how we would stay available to help the community after Windows 10 becomes requisite this fall. With the Fort Wayne Housing Authority helping us to connect with other area charities, we should have 20 different organizations teaching financial literacy by the end of the year.” ~ John D. Nash

Fort Wayne Civic Theatre

“We can’t thank you enough for your generosity to our IN THE WINGS Arts-In-Education Program. Please know how grateful we are in your willingness to fund our very special program that makes live theater available to over 4,000 individuals in our underserved community who would never otherwise have the chance.”

Fort Wayne Children’s Choir

“Thank you for your gift. You made it possible for the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir to perform at the American Choral Directors Central Division Conference in Chicago this year. Thank you for your generosity in supporting the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir’s mission to provide a choral program exemplifying artistic and educational excellence for children from diverse backgrounds.”

Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana

“The 3Rivers Credit Union Foundation’s continued support allows us to provide programs and services that reduce the emotional and financial burden a cancer diagnosis places on families. We appreciate your generosity and demonstration of compassion for people in our community who are touched by cancer.”


“Your generosity is vital to keeping children safe from the ravages of child abuse and neglect. Your donation today means that a child will be living in a home where there are clean clothes, floors safe to crawl on, refrigerators with adequate food, and parents who discipline without breaking arms and leaving bruises. You made today safer for thousands of children in our community. Thank you is hardly enough! What would we do without you?”

Fort Wayne Philharmonic

“The Foundation’s generous provision provides integral support to the orchestra in its efforts to serve area children with valuable cultural and arts education programs through the Ensembles in the Schools Program. With the Foundation’s support, The Phil will reach approximately 30,000 children this school year.”

Erin’s House for Grieving Children

“We are so appreciative of 3Rivers Credit Union Foundation’s recent donation. All of the children and families join me in thanking you for your kindness. Did you know that children and teens who hold a view of being thankful tend to cope better with life’s challenges? Your contribution will provide a grieving child the opportunity to discover people, places, and things that they are grateful for, even during a time of sadness.”

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