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Data Breaches

While financial institutions do their best to stop fraudulent activity before it starts, it’s crucial to have plans in place to help protect yourself after it happens—as compromised data in breaches such as these can be sold and lead to identity theft and other forms of financial fraud.

3Rivers takes the protection of your financial and personal information very seriously. Unfortunately, we cannot control when merchants (stores, restaurants, online shops) are breached. However, we do our best to respond and protect you in cases of these merchant breaches.

3Rivers responds to breaches such as these in a number of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Informing our members of the breach, and of our forthcoming actions, via e-mail, printed letters, and, most recently, text alerts, or a mix of these options.
  • Staying on top of card technology with our EMV, chip-enabled cards.
  • Working closely with our vendor to re-issue compromised cards in a timely manner.
  • We strongly encourage those who have been impacted by a merchant breach to request a new card with a new card number! New cards are sent promptly upon request.
  • Offering online and mobile access, which allows members to keep an eye on their accounts and watch for suspicious activity 24/7
  • Providing additional technology and security features, like CardValet, which allow you to control your accounts and cards in real time.
  • Using a fraud monitoring system that contacts members to verify unusual card activity.

We highly recommend that you continuously take action to protect your financial accounts, and your identity, from fraud by:

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