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How 3Rivers Protects Your Accounts?

3Rivers is a leader in using technology to protect members' accounts at the purchase level and monitors every member’s account for suspicious activity.

EMV Cards

One of the greatest forms of protection for debit and credit cards is EMV chip technology. Cards with EMV chips offer an increased level of encryption that is used to protect your information. Click here to learn how EMV cards will protect your information.

Fraud Monitoring System

3Rivers utilizes a fraud monitoring system called EnFact. This system helps to monitor your debit and credit card transactions for suspicious activity. EnFact will contact you at the phone number you have on file with us to verify suspicious activity on your account.

If you have provided us with your cell phone number, EnFact will contact you first via text from the shortcode number 37268. You'll only receive these text messages if we see suspect fraud on your card account. These texts will not be used for marketing purposes. 3Rivers will never ask for your card number, social security, or PIN by text message.

When you receive a text from EnFact, you just need to respond with a “Yes” or “No” to verify the suspicious activity. Don’t worry about opting into this service—you are automatically enrolled!

EnFact may also call you from 833.735.1891 regarding suspicious debit or credit card transactions. If EnFact leaves a voicemail, call them back at 833.735.1891 to verify the transactions.

    If you have any questions regarding EnFact, contact us at 800.825.3641.

    Things To Do Before You Travel

    Fraud is all around us, and when you travel away from home, we ask that you take extra precautions with your accounts. In particular, we have card blocks set up that may cause your card transactions to decline when it’s used outside of your normal routine and location to prevent fraud attempts, as this activity appears suspicious.

    If you’ll be traveling away from home, please let us know so we can mark your card for travel!

    In addition, whenever you travel, be sure that your mobile phone number is updated in our records so, if there are any issues, our fraud service will be able to reach you quickly!

    Card Control App

    Take Control of Your Debit & Credit Cards

    The Card Control App from 3Rivers is a card monitoring service that gives you security and flexibility over your debit, HSA, and credits cards from the tips of your fingers. | Learn More

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