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Social Media Giveaways

Entering a giveaway on 3Rivers’ social media channels? Here are some things to know!

  • Our social media giveaways are open to everyone who enters, including members and non-members.
  • All 3Rivers social media giveaways are free to enter; no purchase required.
  • Winners are always electronically selected at random.
  • Chances of winning depend on the number of entries received.
  • 3Rivers will ONLY post giveaways, and communicate with entrants and winners, from our corporately run social media pages— Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will NEVER ask you to click any links or provide any personal or account information to receive a prize. DO NOT interact with, or accept requests or messages from, any other pages or profiles claiming to be 3Rivers. If you see or are contacted by a spam page or profile imitating 3Rivers, report the page to the social media provider immediately.
  • Winners will always be contacted by 3Rivers’ corporate social media pages via private message for details on claiming their prizes.
  • Winners who do not respond to our private messages within 24 hours of being contacted may forfeit their prize to the next randomly selected entrant(s).

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