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Having trouble using our mobile banking app?

While our mobile banking app is not currently down, some members who use Android®/LG® devices are experiencing issues following a recent security update by our vendor.

If you're an Android user and have already tried resetting your password and uninstalling and reinstalling the app, please read the below information:

1. Our mobile app vendor has recently made some security changes that deemed specific Android apps a security risk. If those apps are installed, they will prevent our app from working. Unfortunately, we don’t know which apps specifically cause this to happen. We suggest reviewing, identifying, and removing any apps that use click automation or debugging.

2. You’ll need to ensure you’ve updated to Android 8 as Android 7 is no longer compatible with our app.  

3. There is a known issue preventing users with LG V Series devices from accessing the mobile banking app.

We apologize for any inconvenience this recent security update may be causing you in accessing 3Rivers mobile banking. In the meantime, you can always access your accounts via your phone's browser at

If none of these situations apply to you, please contact us during normal business hours for further troubleshooting at 800.825.3641.

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