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3Rivers Disaster Relief Fund

We believe in "people helping people" and in the power of coming together to make a difference. In times of great devastation - especially that brought on by natural disasters - it can often seem impossible to offer enough aid to make a real impact. It all adds up, though, and by pooling together our resources, we have the power to offer hope and progress in the aftermath and the rebuilding efforts in those affected communities.

Through the 3Rivers Disaster Relief Fund, you have the opportunity to donate the dollar amount of your choice to assist those in need. Then, 3Rivers will send 100% of the donations collected to a pre-determined charity.

Please note that donations made to the 3Rivers Disaster Relief Fund are not tax-deductible. You do not have to be a member of 3Rivers to donate.

How to Donate

Donations can be made in-person at your nearest branch. Simply let a service representative know that you'd like to make a cash or check donation to the 3Rivers Disaster Relief Fund and specify which organization you'd like your donation sent to (Irma or Harvey.) You do not have to be a 3Rivers member to donate.

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