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New 3Rivers Cards!

Experience convenience, control, and rewards with your new 3Rivers card!

So, you’ve received your new 3Rivers card! Here’s everything you need to know about the new design and how you can experience convenience, control, and rewards with every swipe!

Our Cards Have a New Look!

You may notice your card looks a little different than what you’ve had in the past. We’ve made some changes we think you’ll love. These include:

  • A sleek new vertical design. Ideally, cards equipped with EMV chip technology should be inserted into card readers rather than swiped, and this design lends itself to match the way the card is used. You’ll likely begin to see more and more cards designed this way in the future.
  • Card information has moved to the back. While moving the card information (number, expiry date) to the back makes for a cleaner design on front, it’s also more secure. This makes it more difficult for fraudsters to see and/or capture your card’s identifying information.
  • A new variety of colors. While we were busy shaking up the overall design of the card, we thought changing up the colors might be a nice touch, too! Plus, if you have multiple cards (say a credit card, debit card, and HSA card), this makes each easier to identify in your wallet.

Please note that, despite the new look, your new card will function exactly the same as your old card. It’s just as secure and just as easy to use – it simply looks better!


Your card is equipped with EMV chip technology for better protection and ease of use at chip-enabled machines, as well as our conveniently located ATMS – including the thousands available in our nationwide shared branching network! Plus, sync your card with your phone’s mobile wallet app for speedy checkouts.

Note: ATM cards can only be used to withdraw or deposit cash at an ATM. It cannot be used for making purchases or completing any other transactions.


Our mobile app gives you complete control over your card. Set spending limits, manage when and where it can be used, and even turn it off to prevent fraud if you misplace it or believe it’s been stolen.


Experience great rewards with every swipe of your card. MasterCard® Credit Card holders can take advantage of travel rewards, gift cards, cash back, and more. Swiping a debit card tied to a Reward Checking account will help qualify you to receive monthly rewards in the form of Amazon and/or iTunes points.

Keep Your Card Safe


Call to Activate Your Card & Set Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) Today!

  • For a Debit, ATM, HSA or HELOC card, call 1.800.472.3272
  • For a MasterCard Credit Card, call 1.844.334.3874
  • Use your PIN to obtain cash at participating ATMs.
  • Please note: You will not receive a PIN mailer.
  • Sign your card upon receipt.

Want a New Card?

3Rivers members will receive a newly designed card when their current card expires. If your card is not set to expire for awhile, and you're interested in a new one now, you can stop into  your nearest branch to have one printed instantly for a $10 charge!

Disclaimer: This card is the property of Three Rivers Federal Credit Union and its surrender may be required at any time. The holder's use of this card constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions imposed by the issuer. Report lost, found, or stolen cards immediately to 1-800-472-3272.


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