Tammy Keeling

Tammy Keeling - 3Rivers Mortgage Loan Officer

Tammy has been a mortgage loan officer in Northeast Indiana for over 20 years. With her experience, she understands the complexities involved with mortgage financing, and is able to guide members seamlessly through the home-buying journey. Tammy strives to make the process as transparent and easy-to-understand as possible, with the goal of providing an excellent member experience.


Tammy Keeling - Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS# - 408800
Phone: 260.399.8237 | Cell: 260.403.4681 | Fax: 260.490.0718
eMail: tkeeling@trfcu.org

Note: Electronic mail (email) is not secure. Any confidential or sensitive personal/business information should not be communicated in this manner.


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