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2023 Annual Report

Providing Personalized Service, Support & Solutions in an Uncertain Economy

Last year was filled with increased anxieties of a recession, escalating interest rates, and record-high inflation. Our team saw the varying impacts this had on our members. Some were feeling financial anxieties for the first time. Others felt like it was yet another layer on top of existing financial issues. Many had to step back and consider if and how they needed to pivot to reach the financial goals they’d started the year with—buying new cars or homes, going to school, starting families or businesses, investing in their futures, taking vacations, or even simply chipping away at their debt.





Uncovering Needs Through Deeper Conversations

While helping our members with their financial wellness has always been at the core of what we do, our team found themselves having even deeper conversations with our members to uncover needs, create or adjust financial plans, and make connections with appropriate resources. We connected members with professionals in our own lending, mortgage, business, investment, and student lending departments, as well as with debt relief and government assistance programs, financial aid resources, and more.

In the summer, we launched our Let’s Talk! branding initiative in an effort to encourage both existing and potential members to take advantage of our free financial wellness conversations and get the support they need to achieve their money goals, big and small.

Members and non-members are always more than welcome to schedule an appointment or stop into their nearest 3Rivers branch to have a one-on-one conversation about their finances and come up with a plan to take control of their money matters.

Get the conversation started at!

Fighting Fraud

Fraud was on the rise around the globe in 2022, with scammers getting more innovative by the day. Fraudulent texts and phone calls, emails and social media posts, check fraud and identity theft… new scams seemed to crop up daily. Unfortunately, many of our members fell victim to fraud throughout the year.

However, our team, and many of our members, were quick to spot and report new scams, so we could act quickly, informing our membership and putting processes in place to prevent more fraud from occurring.

Over the course of the year, our team completed 7,850 fraud disputes and recovered over $505,000 in fraudulent activities.

We continually communicate with our members about what to look out for and the many solutions we have in place to help prevent fraud on their 3Rivers accounts. For example, online and mobile banking and our Card Control app allow members to set real-time alerts when their cards are being used and when their balances hit a certain threshold, see transactions, turn cards on and off, set spending limits, submit disputes, and more.

Learn more about fraud protection at


Reporting Suspicious Activity

  • Call us at 800.825.3641.
  • Email us.
  • Visit any of our branches to talk with a team member.
  • Write us at 3Rivers Attn: Identity Theft; P.O. Box 2573; Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2573
  • Complete a dispute form for unauthorized debit card activity.
Mortgage Icons-53

Our Retail Sales Team hosted over 30 workshops, educating over 850 people at several locations, including Community Harvest Food Bank, Anthony Wayne Boy Scouts, Cass Housing, Mount Vernon Schools, and several other businesses and non-profits.

Meeting Our Members & Our Community Wherever They Are


The 3Rivers experience has never been confined to our branches. Our Investment, Youth & College, Mortgage, Retail Sales, Business Services, and Community teams are always on the move and willing to meet members, business owners, and community partners at the location of their choosing. However, in 2022, our team’s presence out and about in the communities we serve was greatly amplified!

We took our financial wellness conversations on the road and talked with thousands of people throughout Indiana and Ohio by meeting them at their schools, businesses, events, and nearest 3Rivers branches. Our team discussed countless topics, modifying their approaches and focuses to fit the audience at-hand.

3Rivers’ Retail Sales and Mortgage teams hosted numerous free seminars at various locations throughout Northeast and East Central Indiana and in St. Marys, Ohio. Several team members volunteered to lead discussions at Junior Achievement and in other classroom settings.

We were thrilled to kick off our partnership with Amp Lab at Electric Works in August. Amp Lab is an innovative, half-day program for Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS) juniors and seniors. It focuses on three core elements: entrepreneurial thinking, innovative mindsets, and creative processes. 3Rivers invested in a five-year agreement with the program. This partnership allows us to have an unlimited presence at Amp Lab, connecting with its 400 students on a regular basis. Our Youth & College Team leads the charge on this effort, with the goals of helping students with their money decisions, supporting young business owners, and deepening 3Rivers’ connection with FWCS students, staff, and families.


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