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2023 Annual Report

Rolling Record   A Message from the President & CEO

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It’s my privilege to be able to share the results and stories of your credit union from 2023. The year was one full of challenges and uncertainty, which prompted Team3’s motto of “doing the hard better.”

Our approach led to growth in a difficult environment—growth to over $2.3B and 113,000 members. Our credit union continues to perform very well, adding over $26M to our reserves and increasing our capital ratios well above industry standards.

Higher interest rates impacted everyone differently. It made the likes of homeownership and carrying debt more expensive, which we worked to navigate with our members. However, it also led to an additional $17M in dividends being paid out to the membership. We were able to work with members across a variety of financial wellness journeys, uncovering the most ideal strategies and solutions to help them realize their goals and dreams. 

We’re proud to have been recognized nationally for our strong performance in 2023 as well. We received another Raddon Financial Group Crystal Performance Award, were recognized by Newsweek as a Top Regional Financial Institution, and were named a Top 1% Credit Union in the United States by Rising Above.

To further illustrate our growth and commitment to our members and communities in 2023, we:

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This growth and these recognitions were a direct result of our commitment to going beyond banking—providing the highest level of service and care in all we do. Team3 is truly invested in the betterment of our members and the communities we serve.

Our ability to continue performing and remaining flexible in ever-changing environments remains a testament of our team’s, members’, and community’s support and patronage in our cooperative.

Thank you for your continued trust in 3Rivers.

Don Cates
President & CEO

Don Cates, CEO & President of 3Rivers FCU

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