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Mobile Wallets at 3Rivers

We're excited to announce that 3Rivers now supports mobile wallet services, including Apple Pay®, Google Pay® (formerly Android Pay®), and Samsung Pay®!

Making a Payment with a Mobile Phone

It’s not always convenient to rummage through your purse or wallet, through a mess of cards, receipts, and dollar bills, while at checkout. Sometimes, your phone is more easily accessible, if not already in hand.

Now, you can link your 3Rivers account information to the digital wallet app on your iOS, Samsung, or Android device, and scan it to make payments at participating merchants—or, if you're making an online purchase from your mobile device, speed up the checkout process without having to retrieve your card!

And with multi-layered authentication and strong encryption technology, mobile wallet payments are an incredibly secure way to make payments.


3Rivers believes that you should be able to access and utilize your finances anytime, anywhere, and mobile wallets are one of the many options we’re proud to offer that make it possible for our members to bank on-the-go. Getting signed up, connecting your card(s), and using this service is simple!  Click here to learn how, to see what devices mobile wallets operate on, and for answers to some FAQs.

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