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Quick Money Tip: Keep the Change

Looking for a fun and creative way to save? Here are a couple of ideas involving spare change.

Keep the Change | Image source: / Photographer: Fablok

Hang onto $5 Bills (Or $1s or $10s)

Pre-determine a particular note - many people decide on the $5 - and whenever you receive that note back in change, put it into a savings jar (better yet, a savings account.) You can continue to spend other bills you get back as change throughout the year, but over the course of time, those extra bills you've stashed away will really add up! | Related: Save Every $5 Bill for a Painless, Fun Way to Build Your Savings Account

Save What You Don't Spend

Set a budget each time you go grocery shopping - preferably one you know that you'll be able to stay under. Let's say during one trip, you set a $50 budget and only end up spending $44. That means you've got $6 leftover from your initial budget. If you're using cash, immediately put that $6 into a savings jar (or account) and if you're using a card or check, then utilize the 3Rivers Mobile App to transfer $6 from checking into savings. Do this each and every time you have a pre-determined budget and stay under it, then watch your savings grow!

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