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3Rivers Personal Loans

Not every loan is for something major, like a car or a house. Sometimes, you just need a loan to cover a smaller purchase or to consolidate some existing debts in order to pay them off more quickly.

Plus, a loan from 3Rivers may provide you with a lower interest rate than other financial institutions!*

3 Ways to Apply:

  • Determine your eligibility
  • Visit any of our convenient locations
  • Apply using our mobile banking app
  • Call us at 260.490.8328
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*Interest rates are based upon borrower's qualifications.

APR=Annual Percentage Rate. All rates advertised are based upon borrowers’ qualifications and will depend on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, credit history, loan amount, and loan term. All loans are subject to credit approval. Additional restrictions and conditions may apply. Loans are subject to a one-time processing fee.
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Personal Loans

Last updated: 6/1/2024
Unsecured Loans Term Rate (As Low As) APR 1  Apply
Unsecured Lines of Credit
13.77 - 18%
Unsecured Term Loan 12 - 48 months,
$3,000* min loan amount
13.27% 15.04 - 18%
Unsecured Term Loan 49 - 60 months,
$5,000 min loan amount
13.77% 14.65 - 18%
Unsecured Term Loan 61 - 72 months,
$10,000 min loan amount
14.74% 15.15 - 18%

1APR=Annual Percentage Rate. All rates advertised are based upon borrowers’ qualifications and will depend on the minimum loan amount and the maximum term listed, and account for a loan processing fee of $99. Your APR will vary depending on your loan amount, interest rate & loan term. Personal loan rates will range from 13.27%-18%.

*Minimum loan amount of $3,000; minimum term is 12 months.

Assume you will borrow $12,000 with $99 loan processing fee; the loan amount will be $12,099. The calculated APR on a 48 month loan with an interest rate of 13.27% would be 13.71%. Please use our Loan Payment Calculator for additional scenarios relevant to your unique needs.

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