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Positive Pay

Positive Pay

Stolen checks and account information can lead to not only a major loss of funds and a lengthy recovery process, but also a business’s reputation. Positive Pay enhances account security and reduces the risk of check and ACH fraud for our business members. It works by matching check or ACH information with the data being presented for payment against the business account. These extra measures significantly diminish the risk of successful identity theft and fraudulent transactions.  

3Rivers offers two Positive Pay services, which, when combined, can better protect business accounts:

  • Check Positive Pay: Upload check information (check number, amount and payee) and the Positive Pay system will monitor those items and their activity closely. Should a check attempt to clear that isn’t on the approved list, members are notified via email and prompted to approve or reject the item.
  • ACH Positive Pay: 3Rivers will provide a list of each ACH withdrawal that is slated to clear the account each evening. Members have the opportunity to review the list and deliver an alert if there is something that needs returned.

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