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General Information

Yes. Our digital banking platform offers this modern security functionality commonly used by other applications.

Yes. Most of the features and functions available in the online system mirror those in the mobile app.

Account & Settings

Members should be able to see at least two years’ worth of transaction history.

Yes. You can hide accounts within both the “Settings” and “Accounts” pages. This will remove the account from the “Accounts” and “Transfers” pages, but will not delete any data or preferences related to that account.

Yes. The full account number can be found by clicking on the desired account, followed by the eye-shaped icon next to the masked account number.

Yes. There is a form to request a new card that is found on the “Member Requests” page. This form can be used to request a new debit, credit, or ATM card.

Payments, Bill Pay & Pay-a-Person

If your payees still are not displaying this means they did not successfully transfer. You will have to manually enter information for those payees. You can do so by clicking “Add Biller” and entering the required information. Also remember to re-establish payment schedules if you had previously relied upon scheduled payments. If you still do not see payees that should be there, or are not able to access the system, give us a call at 800.825.3641, option 8.

Members and business members can schedule their payments at any time, but actual processing occurs Monday through Friday, holidays excluded. Payments must be scheduled before 5:00 PM in order to be processed the same day; payments scheduled after 5:00 PM will be processed the following business day.

Typically, between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Members have until approximately 4:00 PM the same business day to cancel payments before they are sent to the billers. After this point, electronic payments cannot be canceled. Paper checks must be stopped by 3Rivers.

Yes, you’ll notice the same functionality of bill pay across all devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop online banking).

Yes. Our new digital banking platform will offer a Pay-a-Person feature through a third party vendor dedicated to making paying or receiving payments quickly and easily. The person initiating the payment will be asked to enter a security question for the recipient to answer. Example, “What is your favorite actor?” If you do not think your recipient will know the answer to the question, please communicate to them that you are sending them a payment and this additional security step is required.


No. Our payment provider does not require the payees to download a separate app to accept funds.


Yes. Our new platform allows for member-to-member funds transfers.

You can add payees by clicking “Add Biller” within the “Pay Bills & People” widget.
  • Electronic bill payments are drawn from your account the day the payment is sent (a non-recurring manual payment), ensuring funds are indeed available (excluding pending transactions) to clear payment. If funds are not available, the payment will not be sent to the payee. You’ll receive an email indicating that the transaction could not be completed, prompting you to re-initiate payment when sufficient funds in the account.

  • Check Payments are not immediately pulled from your account.  These funds will be withdrawn when the check clears through your payee’s regular check-cashing process.

Adding an eBill will prompt this biller to send an electronic version of your bill to our Bill Pay system every month. This means you can view all of your bills in one place, and even set up auto pays.

  • If the “Add eBill” link is visible on your payee, follow the prompts to sign-in to your biller’s online account to connect your eBills.
  • If the “Add eBill” link option is not present, your payee does not provide eBills to 3Rivers at this time. We are always working with our provider to add as many electronic payees as possible.

Electronic bill payments are “good funds,” which means money is not debited from a member account unless it is there or proper overdraft permissions are in place.

Check payments are NOT “good funds” or pre-funded. The funds are removed when the check goes through the regular check-cashing process. Checks work as if the member wrote their check directly from their personal or business checkbook.

All sub-users permissions were correctly converted to the new system. However, we did experience an issue where sub-users were not able to access Bill Pay.

Log-In & Access

On the login page, there are “Forgot Username” and “Forgot Password” buttons. Both will allow you to retrieve your account information at any time.

If you’ve been locked out due to failed password attempts, you can click the “Forgot Password” button to verify your and unlock your account. If you’ve locked yourself out due to failed multi-factor authentication, give us a call 800.825.3641, option 8, for assistance.

Yes. You will need to choose a separate username for both of your personal and business accounts.

Yes, if the biometric security on your device is currently activated, you’ll be prompted on how to set it up when you log-into the mobile app.


  • Google Chrome: Latest two versions
  • Firefox: Latest two versions
  • Microsoft Edge: Latest two versions
  • Safari: Last two major versions or one major version if over one year old
  • Chrome for Android: Last two major versions
  • Mobile Safari for IOS: Last two major versions
  • Internet Explorer is not readily supported
  • Windows: versions that are still supported by Microsoft and support a browser listed above
  • OSX: versions that are still supported by Apple and support a browser listed above
  • Android: v7.0 and above
  • iOS: the last two major releases

Card Control App

Yes. While our new digital banking platform offers our members more alert options to set for deposits, transactions, and more, the separate 3Rivers Card Control app offers full control, real-time alerts, and travel settings that can only be found within Card Control.


Yes! You’ll need to download the 3Rivers mobile banking app and delete the old app.

No. You only need to download one app to manage your business and personal accounts. Please note, however, that you’ll need a separate username and password for your personal and business accounts..

Yes. Not only will you be able to link external accounts, but you will be able to transfer between these accounts and your 3Rivers accounts.

No. You will need create a role and assign your sub-users to that role.

No. You’re unable reconcile in real-time, however, you can reconcile daily through a reconciliation report.

Yes. Intuit/Quickbooks is available within our digital banking platform.

Need assistance? If you have additional questions, or need help accessing your accounts, give us a call at 800.825.3641, option 8.

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