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Take Control of Your Debit & Credit Cards

CardValet® from 3Rivers is a card monitoring service that gives you security and flexibility over your debit, HSA, and credits cards from the tips of your fingers. 3Rivers consumer and business members now have the convenience of setting spending limits, controlling where your card is being used, and receiving alerts of transactions. Using either the CardValet stand-alone app or with your 3Rivers Mobile app you can control cards — just another way we help our members with their money matters every day.

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Download the CardValet stand-alone app today for iPhone® and AndroidTM phones: 

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Watch this tutorial to learn more how CardValet works:

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You can use CardValet in two ways: the CardValet stand-alone app gives you the most control over your debit, HSA, and credit cards. You can also access CardValet through your 3Rivers mobile app, which offers most of the service features found on the CardValet stand-app—see the difference between the two below:

CardValet Control Features Stand-alone App 3Rivers Mobile App
Debit & HSA Card Control
Credit Card Control  
Turn Card On/Off
Block by Merchant Type
Block International Transactions
Block by Region (within 5 miles)
Block by Region (outside of 5 miles)  
Block by One Region
Block by Multiple Regions  
Block by Transaction Amount
View Denied or Pending Transactions  
Track Spending  
Set Controls on Dependant or Employee Cards


Receive Text (SMS) Alerts

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