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Youth & College Support

Thanks for visiting our resource page for our recent student loan conversion. This page is your go-to place for the latest conversion updates and answers to your questions. Check back often over the next few weeks to make sure you have the information needed to manage your student loans!

Latest Updates:

  • All accounts are scheduled to transfer from the former loan servicer to 3Rivers on May 1, 2024.
  • Welcome letters will be sent via USPS on May 1. You’ll receive a document that contains your new account number and some basic instructions.
  • By July 1, we’ll have a draw request form available. This form will allow current student loan borrowers to request additional funds from their open student loans to be sent to their university. Check back to view progress!
  • Summer term disbursements are in the works. If you need money for your summer semester, please email

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I make my student loan payment?

From an external financial institution:

By Mail:
3Rivers Credit Union
c/o Loan Servicing
P.O. Box 2573
Fort Wayne, IN 46801 

In a Branch:  Find Your Nearest 3Rivers Branch

Online: Via Our Pay My Loan Portal

By Phone: 800.825.3641

By ACH Credit from Your Bank or Credit Union (you may request this at a branch or call us at 800.825.3641) 

Mobile/Online Access: Simply link your external account! Not enrolled yet? Get signed up today! You can make payments via one-time or recurring transfer within the “Transfer” tab. 

From a 3Rivers account: 

Mobile/Online Access: Not enrolled? Get signed up today! You can make payments via one-time or recurring transfer within the “Transfer” tab, or via your 3Rivers Bill Pay. 

In a Branch: Find Your Nearest 3Rivers Branch

By Phone: 800.825.3641 

I had a payment set up for prior servicer before 05/01/2024: 

We will be receiving an accounting of all payments made through the former servicer and will apply them as we receive these records. No student impacted by this redirect of payments will receive a late fee or be marked as late on their credit reporting.  

Where do I find my NEW account number? 

  • Welcome Letter:  You’ll receive a Welcome Letter the week of May 1, which will contain your new account number. These letters will be sent to both borrowers and their co-signers.
  • Monthly Bill Statement: Your monthly loan bill (whether mailed or electronic) will contain your new account number. 
  • At a 3Rivers Branch: 3Rivers team members can provide account numbers for members once you are verified and present your photo ID.
  • 3Rivers Mobile & Online Access: Under the “Accounts” tab, click on your In-School Student Loan, and unmask the account number. 

I have questions about my previous account history, documents, or planned disbursements. Where should I look?

Please email our Student Loan Servicing Team at

Why is 3Rivers making this change? 

We are making this servicer change because we believe that increased access to student loans (including seeing balances and making payments within your mobile and online account access or at your local branch) greatly improves the student loan experience.

I need money for my summer or fall semester. Where can I request money?

Please contact our Youth & College Support Team at or call 260.399.8265. If emailing, please include:

  • What university are you attending? 
  • What semester do you need money for (Fall, Spring, Summer, combination, other)? 
  • How much money do you need us to offer to your university? 
  • When is your expected graduation date?
  • What year in school are you (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)? 

I want to apply for an In-School Student loan, where/how can I do it?

  • Our Youth & College Support Team regularly meets with students and families about paying for college. If you need support, please call 260.399.8265 or email us at
  • Applications are available at this link starting on May 1, 2024.

What if my payments are due, but I’m going back to school? 

Please contact our Youth & College Support Team at or 260.399.8265 to work on your specific situation. In general, we are able to defer student loans for up to 48 months of additional enrollment period.

What should I do if I’m not able to make my payment?

Please contact our Credit Solutions Team at or 866.748.0008.

What other questions do you have?

Please email us at so we can help you directly and share it here, too!

Meet Our Youth & College Support Team!

Photo of Caitlyn Lawson
Caitlyn Lawson
Youth & College Advisor

P: 260.515.7216  | O: 260.399.8230  |  E:

Caitlyn Lawson started her career with 3Rivers in 2016 and has loved being able to help members with their goals and financial wellness journeys. She is dedicated to helping students find their own unique paths upon graduating high school—helping make sense of higher education, career paths, and the many other financial situations students may discover along the way.

Caitlyn’s own path to a higher education was more of a zig-zag than a straight line. Feel free to ask, she’d be happy to share more about her own journey and lessons learned!

Outside of work, she helps coach and teach swimming, loves to hike and explore new places, and is always seeking a new challenge to accomplish.

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Photo of Jordan Hersey
Jordan Hersey
Youth & College Advisor

P: 260.222.3440 |  E:

Jordan Hersey received his bachelor’s in communication studies from Huntington University. Before beginning his journey at 3Rivers in 2022, he gained experience working at the Boys & Girls Club, in the service industry, and as a substitute teacher. He brought this unique mix of skills to our branches, helping members along their financial wellness journeys.

 Having recently joined our Youth & College Support Team, Jordan is excited to help advise students and families as they navigate through the unknowns and stressors of college planning, so they can enter this chapter with confidence. He’s passionate about getting to know our members, their stories, and their dreams to help them create personalized plans that can help them achieve their goals, personally, professionally, and financially.

 Outside of work you can find Jordan trying new restaurants, traveling, engaging in reading groups, and riding his motorcycle.

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